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She completed her 12th and final round of chemotherapy the day before this recording and is a proud survivor! Listen to this episode without distraction.

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Take Gretta's advice, stay vigilant, and be the boss of your own body. Cliquez ici pour raffraichir la page manuellement. Sounds like a perfect Mom Brain guest! More importantly, she is the mother of her 2 year-old daughter, Emily Dale Griffin.

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Plus, her difficult experience with IVF, which ultimately led to the decision to adopt. Here's another episode of Mom Brain chock full of practical advice, so break out your notepad. Aliza Pressman, M.

Among her many accolades, she earned her Ph. Aliza helps parents, through science-based research, navigate the tricky aspects of raising kids.

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Plus, she tackles issues like, how to address our children's irrational fears, whether or not we need to force our toddlers to apologize, making sure our kids accomplish important milestones without overreacting if they don't, and tons more! Brazelton Touch Points. Hilaria: Origami Paper. Aliza: A Baby Sound Machine. He's arguably one of the most famous scientists in the world. Neil joins Hilaria and Daphne to discuss sparking curiosity and imagination in our kids.

Together, they talk about how to guide children's interests into math and science and how encouraging children to find answers on their own is much more enriching than giving them those answers. They also dive into how questioning the world around us is natural and that children already have an innate interest in science — but it's up to us as parents not to stifle that interest. We finally found a mom with more kids than Hilaria and Daphne! Tony Bancroft.

Andrea tells Hilaria and Daphne how she juggles her hard-hitting career while raising 6 kids. She discusses how a cold email got her a gig writing movies for Lifetime and Hallmark, and how working for Dateline has shaped aspects of her parenting.

You'll hear about her experience with in vitro fertilization which resulted in her 6th kid and first son. She brought along three of her daughters who participated in our Mom Brain game, "Name your kid's candy! Eva talks about her various career paths and the lessons she's learned from her kids. Plus, being a present parent, her top travel and beauty advice, and how she pulls off those signature IG selfies. We're increasing our dad count on Mom Brain with David Burtka! He's an actor, chef, father of twins, and the husband of Neil Patrick Harris.

In this episode, David discusses fatherhood, marriage, and relearning math through his kids.

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Also, the incredible story of how his twins were conceived with an egg donor, a surrogate, and both his and Neil's own DNA. Plus, David talks about the elaborate imagination that goes into every meal in their table, and why fun is always on the agenda in their household. Jeannie is a director, producer, writer, and mom of 5 children. In a benign tumor was found in Jeannie's brain the size and shape of a pear.

For the past 2 years Jeannie has dealt with brain surgery, complications, throat surgery, and recovery. In this episode Jeannie articulates what it's like to be an incapacitated mom, while she dealt with all of the issues stemming from her brain surgery. Strabismus is a condition that results when one ocular muscle is weak so another muscle overcompensates.

This causes the eyes to lose focus. When Botox is used in the treatment of this condition, it is injected into the muscle that has been overcompensating.

This paralyzes the muscle and allows proper focus to return. Blepharospasm is a chronic type of twitching that affects the eyelid. These injections can also be used in this condition, paralyzing the muscle that twitches and relieving the discomfort that is associated with the problem.

Botox can also be used to treat hyperhidrosis, or profuse sweating. This is a condition that affects many people and can be extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing. It has been found to be most effective when it is used in people who experience excessive sweating in the pits of their arms. When it is injected into the site, it inhibits the production of the specific hormone that causes certain glands to produce sweat. Another way that this substance can be used for medical purposes is for any type of spasms.

It has specifically been proven effective with spasms in the neck and face. The reason for this is obvious. By relaxing the muscle that is subject to excessive or sporadic contraction, it helps to eliminate any spasms that may otherwise occur.

In recent years, Botox has also been proven useful in preventing migraines in people who suffer from the chronic onset of these debilitating headaches. Although it is most famous for its cosmetic use, there are also many important medical uses for this medication. Botox treatments and professional advice: Botox Belfast. Comments Trackbacks 0 Permalink. Comments Jason commented on May PM. Natural vitiligo treatments vitiligo camouflage may be helpful for your vitiligo.

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