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Chronique littéraire. Move over, Margaret Atwood. Smithexcept that Brad Pitt changed it to not waking up for less than half a million. Ready to build on that largesse, it would appear? She does good lab coat, too, I can report. After trying it on a lark, and noticing that after three weeks her pores were smaller and her skin seemed definably brighter, she was a convert.

I never went out and bought the same line twice. I always moved on to the next brand!

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Long story short, she decided to do more than just be a consumer of the product: she wanted in. She was one of the very few people in her industry to even admit to doing Botox, way back when.

Meanwhile, the flowers — a long range of pink and white peonies, ranunculus and hydrangea, facilitated by Earthwork Floral Design — provided at least the illusion of spring. Likewise: Jeanne Beker, a legend unto herself in the fashion-verse.

Curious about what Evangelista makes of the newer crop of model high flyers? It breaks my heart! He did not get that gene from me. On a related note: as dinner was wrapping, she mentioned she had to be at a school function that night, back in New York, for Augustin the son who counts François-Henri Pinault as his father.

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Mom duty. I love it. By declaring her worth, and being brazen enough to call her own shots, she was, you might say, a prophet from the future.