Bridesmaid vs maid of honour

Yes, Anangelaway had it right in If the bride's attendant is single, she's a maid of honor ; if she's married, she's the matron of honor.

It's that simple. Au Québec Canadanous faisons souvent face à l'obstacle de traduire ces termes. En espérant le tout utile. Izzymtl I just wanted to confirm the translation of usher in French. Would it be "placier", which according to Wiktionnaire is : 1 Commerce Personne qui loue les places aux commerçants ambulants sur un marché.

WR only gives "placeur" for usher, however it often has some definitions left out. Would anybody be able to confirm?

Bridesmaid vs maid of honour

Usher is surely placeur. There are usually two of these, young men who stand at the entrance to the church, hand out orders of service, show guests to their places bride's family on the left, groom's on the right etc.

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PS: you've forgotten the page boy s who follow the bride and perhaps hold her train. I did this at age 6. Keith Bradford : If you want to use placeur, that's fine but it is not correct according to the "Office québecoise de la langue française. Pages are "petits pages" and train carriers are "porteurs de traîne" however most weddings I've attended Canadian don't fill those roles since, when we want to include young girls or boys in the wedding party, we use flower girls and a ring bearer.

Dernière édition: 17 Novembre A belated thanks, Keith and izzy, for your replies! Do people in France always say "placeur" and not "placier" for usher?

Bridesmaids or not bridesmaids?

According to Le Petit Robert, it's placeur for une "personne qui, dans une salle de spectacle, conduit chaque spectateur à sa place The only meanings it gives for placier are commercial.

You are right in your assumption. There are many differences to Canadian Quebec French and French from France, and this could be a example. But I also like those bridesmaids with their matching dresses and their crazy photos that make wonderful memories! So, what do you think about mixing the two together? The more the merrier! Skip to content.

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Bridesmaid vs maid of honour

Bridesmaids or not bridesmaids? Mar 22 What is a bridesmaid? Who will you choose for your wedding? The chief bridesmaid may be called a maid of honor or matron of honor.

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Also, the maid of honor gives a speech to the guest of honor. Comment se prononce maid of honor? Parcourir mahogany. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Image credits. Mot du jour locate.

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