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Sooooo cute now. Although I will miss the big California letters out front. Oh and definitely make a trip to cars land, unreal!

Anja Harris Juillet 11, In Cars Land, stop by the cone shaped snack stand for a vodka lemonade with whipped berry sherbet on top! And even if you don't love the moviethe Cars ride is incredibly high quality.

Do it. Vanessa Leuterio Mai 29, Definitely the happiest place on earth for the whole family! I suggest you to go here if you absolutely love extreme rides! Feras Sh Août 22, The main show is not worth waiting for. Tip: stand by the white fence on the top next to the restaurant to get a good view.

Love drinks at Carthay Circle and the Cove Bar. Soft Serve over near the boardwalk is also sooo good.

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Apple Freeze from Cars Land is a must. Noah Schrader Juillet 9, If you're planning on seeing World of Color which you should. It's magical make sure you get a pass for it as soon as the park opens over by grizzly river run! They can run out fast! Make sure you're early. Get Fast Pass tickets first before you start with all the rides. With Fast Passthere's no waiting. It will tell you what time you can come back.

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Don't miss World of Color. Leo Pérez Ramos Juin 1, Fong Chau Mars 6, Stumble upon this revelation: go on a random day during the week, on a random week in the year, and avoid lines for everything! We picked the perfect day to go. Thursday, Feb. It was great!

Abrar Al-Mahfoodh Octobre 12, California Screaming, Soarin' Around the World. Don't miss the fountain show " World of Color", it' s more than amazing.

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Great for groups or even coming alone. There's always something to do. The wait times are a bit of a bore but the viewsrides, food and drinks make up for it. Luis Guzman Août 31, The renovation is complete and DCA has become a great park to visit. The new Buena Vista street and Cars Land are amazing areas to visit. Make sure to get a Fastpass early for Radiator Springs Racers.

Maxim Kazantsev Mars 22, Tower of Terror is terrifying - you should try it. Be prepared to stand for a long time though. Alvaro Juillet 16, Muito melhor que o Disneyland! Mais divertido, mais bonito, mais bem cuidado e com ótimas atrações! Rebecca Juillet 21, If you've visited this park in the past, it's x better after this new update.

Its finally up to a Disney standard. Beware longer lines and bigger crowds right now bc of the season and updates! Lucie Torres Avril 25, Alesha Dailey Août 2, You have to check out all of the new things they have here! The new restaurant Carthay Circle is definitely a highlight.

Amazing cocktails! And the Cars Ride is my new favorite thing at Disney!! Luciana Paranhos Janvier 6, Eric Schrader Décembre 28, Get your fastpass to Radiator Springs Racers immediately. First Aid is available at front of park. Brook Harned Juin 16, World of Color is so worth it! If you can get the premium seating do it, otherwise get a fast pass for a section to stand in. Look out for the splash zone, they really mean it.

Maria Gabriela Nascarella Février 5, Me encanta Disney. Es maravilloso para grandes y chicos. Es un sueño y todo el tiempo te sorprende con algo nuevo. Muchísima gente y no se disfruta.

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Once done, redeem your free photo print. EJ Août 7, Awesome place, nice to see the decor representing different parts of California. The grizzly river run is fun. You must see the water show at night. Get a FP for it!! Alex Gronbach Septembre 22, Allowing guests to consume alcohol in the park makes this a very different experience than Disneyland. This park is not family friendly compared to Disneyland That is, if you don't mind the crowds. Daniel Contreras Octobre 25, Get in line an hour early for world of color and if you don't mind getting wet, head for the very front.

The middle is what everyone tries for. I'm always front row holding on the the fence, good view. David C Août 20, Great park. So much better than Disneyland. Whole family were sorry we did not spend our 2 days here. Could do a full day in the Paradise pier area. Really good. Frank Santoni Juillet 17, The soundtrack played really adds to the experience.

A few drops, one loops, tons of turns and a few camelbacks - no barrel rolls. Just like I like em! Laur Lo Ski Octobre 10, Definitely worth riding! Laurie W Juin 24, If you don't mind sitting by yourself, use the single rider line.

John Boyle Août 9, Ask when you get to the front of the line if you can wait for a front seat on the coaster. They will make you wait a few minutes in a micro line but it is sooooo worth it. Fast Pass this one! Vanessa Leuterio Mai 29, Love this ride so much! Lara Mai 14, Best of all, I fastpass-ed this ride, so it only took us 3 minutes wait when our time arrived. Soooo worth it. Get fast passes before you line up and if the return time is only mins away, then you can use the Fast passes immediately after your first ride.

Over and over again. Dave G Janvier 26, One of my new favorite coasters. Make sure to ask a cast member for a single rider ticket at the entrance to the ride And they'll tell you where to go. Aimee Chow Janvier 7, Best ride in the park! Very smooth,fast,and fun! But do lay your head against the head rest in the beginning. Nnenniqua Février 7, We rode it twice.

Really enjoyed this fast-paced coaster. Starts fast right after the countdown. Remember, lean back! Shikamaru Nara Septembre 13, Disney tried to keep California Adventures like a pier amusement park and with this roller coaster they capture the essence of it!

Great ride! I love the initial take off.

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Stop by at least an hour prior to any scheduled show to make it on time! VyVy Nguyen Juin 9, There's a camera that takes souvenir photos toward the end of the ride after the series of hilly humps so remember to smile or do something fun!

Ruby Mars 22, Best rollercoaster at California Adventure and it only has one upside down loop so it's not too scary for kids! Eric Schrader Décembre 28, Have family not riding stand at boardwalk where launch is.

Take slow-mo video. Obviously ask to sit in front row. After ride take your own photo of ride pic at photo station. Kathee Hummel Janvier 3, Beware if you use a wheelchair you may find your stay at the top landing 10 times longer than if you could wlk ovr! Sue Howell Novembre 11, A friend says it is a while different ride at night.

Also has a great single rider line. Single rider is a confusing process to the uninitiated. You enter thru an exit but when you exit you exit thru a different exit than the exit thru which you originally entered. Rachel W. Novembre 22, More fun at night, but closes early because of the fireworks. Talk to a cast member to see what time it closes. Jeff Juillet 19, No roller coaster has ever made my dizzy before. Perfectly named, amazing ride.

Missy Narkiewicz Novembre 8, Get seated in the back to get the most of the coaster. Closes early for World of Color. They also do single riders!

The line always goes pretty fast, and it's definitely worth the wait. One of my favorite rides in the resort! Beatrice Longshore Novembre 10, Chris Thompson Janvier 25, Take an intermission from the Disneyland Drinking Debauchery and enjoy this while you're slightly tipsy, if your stomach can handle it. En savoir plus.

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Brandon Liptak Novembre 19, Contrary to popular belief, the back is the way to go. The ride is much faster. There is a hidden Mickey on the ground in the cement base of the support pillars when you are upside-down in the loop.

Francis M. Août 26,