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Suggest an example. La fluoration de l'eau est la façon la plus efficace et économique de prévenir la carie dentaire ADC, Fluoridation of the water supply is the most effective, cost efficient means of preventing dental caries CDA, No significant impact on the BMD of older adults was found at levels of exposure considered "optimal" for the prevention of dental caries 0.

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Ses anti-oxydants protègent vos cellules des maladies liées au vieillissement et il peut contribuer à prévenir la carie dentaire. Its anti-oxidants protect your cells from diseases related to aging and it may help prevent tooth decay. La carie dentaire : Les radiations peuvent causer de graves problèmes carie dentaire.

Tooth decay : Radiation can cause major tooth decay problems. Caries dentaires - Ces produits contiennent des ingrédients qui combattent efficacement la carie.

Dental caries - These products contain ingredients that are an effective decay preventive agent. L'anticorps ou ses fragments peuvent être utilisés pour combattre la carie dentaire. The antibody or fragments thereof can be used to combat dental caries. Et Shakespeare notait que la carie dentaire causait une douleur terrible et odeur désagréable. And Shakespeare noted that tooth decay was a cause of awful pain and unpleasant odor. Avec sa consommation rougeur est l'embouchure et causes de la carie dentaire.

With its consumption redness is the mouth and causes tooth decay. La carie dentaire est causée par les attaques acides sur les dents. Tooth decay is caused by acid attacks on the teeth. Dentifrice: pâte contenant du fluorure destiné à nettoyer les dents et prévenir la carie dentaire.

Toothpaste: paste containing fluoride intended to clean the teeth and to prevent the cavity. Pour l'élimination de la carie dentaireutiliser une roue à faible vitesse. For the removal of dental cariesuse a low-speed wheel. La carie dentaire demeure une flan au poireaux regime chronique répandue dans divers groupes de la population. Dental caries continues to be a common chronic disease among various population groups.

La carie dentaire est l'une des maladies infectieuses les plus répandues chez l'homme. Dental caries is one of the most common infectious diseases among humans. Similar translations Example sentences.

Similar translations Similar translations for "Dental caries" in French. French dentaire. French carie. Context sentences Context sentences for "Dental caries" in French These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. English a Dental caries : this is the commonest pathology in dental health. English More than three quarters of all children have dental caries. English Leprosy, hypertension, diabetes, asthma, sickle cell anaemia, cataracts, trachoma, dental cariesmental illnesses.

English Dental caries and their consequences were the main cause of an early loss of dentition. English Dental caries and parodontopathy. English The national drinking water fluorination campaign has been stepped up, as the most effective means of tackling dental caries.

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