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En sont ajoutées les bûches connues sous le nom "Thunder Creek Mountain" et toujours opérationnelles à ce jour. La mascotte du parc devint officiellement Alfundo. Enaprès des années de bataille, la route qui traversait le parc fut fermée à la circulation, récupérée par le parc et transformée en allée. À partir de cette date, le parc fit payer son entrée et élimina le système de tickets pour chaque attraction.

Un grave incendie détruisit une large section du parc durant l'automne Enpour son centenaire, le parc réussit à remplacer ces attractions notamment avec EnterpriseMusic ExpressRanger et Apollo En fut construit le parc aquatique "Wildwater Kingdom".

L'admission se faisait indépendamment de celle du parc d'attractions. Le parc contenait une piscine à vaguesdes toboggans aquatiquesune rivière rapide en bouées et une aire de jeu aquatique pour les petits.

Laser de Anton Schwarzkopfcomposé de deux loopings fut le troisième circuit de montagnes russes du parc. Deux ans plus tard, des montagnes russes junior furent ajoutées. Elles furent baptisées Little Laser. Les montagnes russes en bois nommées Hercules apparurent en EnDorney Park ajouta plusieurs manèges et améliora sa thématique et ses paysages.

À partir ortie amaigrissement longueuill'entrée de Dorney Park et celle de Wildwater Kingdom devint unique. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Cet article est une ébauche concernant un parc de loisirs.

Les parcs et lieux de loisirs de Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Navigation Accueil Portails thématiques Article au hasard Contact. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 5 décembre à They have many roller coasters and a good amount of water rides. The water park is probably the best one in the east coast but six flags still wins against the dry park. This hub of wet and wild fun features more than three dozen slidespools, rivers and water play areas including Aquablast, one of the longest elevated water slides in the world standing 70 ft.

Waterpark is crowded in the day and the amusement park is dead! When u enter the gates head to steel force and work your way to the front of the park for maximum ride opportunities! Julia Meisner Décembre 4, Amazing family fun! Spent half my summers at theme Parks n this one is absolutely one of my fans! Rachel Murphy Juin 23, Great park. Some staff are kind of dippy and food is priceybut besides that I love coming here.

Get the fast laneskip lines during busy days Totally worth it. Brett Garwood Août 23, Two parks for one price. Great place with quality coasters and thrill rides.

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Go spin in the snoopy teacups as fast as you can and try to stand up without puking. Donald E Darnell Jr Février 22, I love Dorney Park. I have been going there since the 70's when I was a little boy. Look for discount coupons at local supermarkets. Kanan Desai Mai 30, Great for kids off all ages!

Has a water park and a regular amusement park. A ticket gets you admission to both parks! Do not have to purchase a separate ticket for the water park. Jennifer Regina Octobre 8, Ask any beverage place for a courtesy cup of water. They will give you one free of charge.

Also, buy online tickets with meal plan. Huge savings. Go in October Cole T Juin 12, The rides are fun but the water park is surprisingly great. Loved the water slide that pulled the floor out from your feet at the start. Sarah Sheeto Octobre 25, Getting a Season Pass is ideal. It includes admission, meals, and admission to my favorite, Halloween Haunt. Camera fell into grass in employee parking lot on last bump of Steel. Nobody let me go get it. Camera is recovered.

Memory Card missing. Cam was by fence, 3 poles from grass start. There are a few good coasters, Hershey and Six Flags have better, in my opinion.

Get the platinum pass for access to all parks! Chuck P. Août 23, Kevin Orloski Mai 3, My kid doesn't care about the Peanuts characters I barely did when I was a kid but he enjoys the rides so that was cool. Missy Narkiewicz Mai 27, Try out the twilight ticket if you're local.

You pay a cheaper price after 5. Plenty of time to get in the big coasters if they're running and you won't have to buy the expensive food. Regina Décembre 23, We went there for the summer. It was fun, but it was rainy day. My youngest love the Charlie Brown and its peanut friends.

The rides was fun. Alex Dobyan Mai 19, It's pretty awesome, and best enjoyed in September or October when the lines are shorter and the weather is cooler. Nicole Merritt Août 22, Such a great way to save. Courtney Lowry Juillet 6, Got discount tickets online with a four pack. Brought lunch. Fun times. JaMïe Juillet 6, Fast lane pass is not necessary for Wildwater Kingdom.

But for Dorney Parkthats totalky worth it. Mia Ottaviano Août 2, We love it here at Dorney. And we've got some nice Kistler Buildings here too! Glad to be a part of such a great Amusement Park. Dorney Rocks.

James Desjardins Dental seal review 19, Chris Fernicola Août 5, The need fast and better service. Claudia Emery Juin 8, Pretzels from Pretzal Factory are very good!!!!

Especially the hot dog with cheese. Wild water kingdom includ.