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And it packs as light as a feather, er, down. Jadis interdit, le golf est loin de prendre son trou en Chine. We assemble in a vast staging area where rows upon rows of power ca r ts a nd squadrons of cadd ies await.

The stats alone are enough to make your head spin: There are 7, employees, kilometres of cart paths, 1, golf carts. The Western pastime has found an improbable new home in this part of the Pearl River Delt a a. Never before have I been routinely saluted by liveried staff for simply exiting an elevator.

Nous sommes réunis dans une vaste aire de rassemblement où attendent des légions de caddies et de voiturettes. Les chiffres donnent le tournis : employés, voiturettes roulant sur km de sentiers réservés. At Mission Hills Shenzhen's club house, which overlooks the 18th hole of the Greg Norman course, you can have both.

Au chalet du Mission Hills Shenzhen, qui donne sur le 18e trou du parcours conçu par Greg Norman, on savoure les deux. RIGHT Caddies — including the more experienced "golden" caddies — keep track of scores at the leaderboard.

As I tee off on the tough Greg Norman course — a lush realm of mountains and valleys animated with the soundtrack of invisible birds and a million cicadas — my caddy tells me exactly where to drive the ball.

Mission Hills Shenzhen has 3, pithhelmeted female caddies, and I soon come to trust everything my own smiling but stern looper, Emily, instructs me to do. For golf, that means soaring participation; the China Golf Association predicts there will be 20 million players by In other words, golf here has come a long way in a short time. Bythe first modern-era Chinese golf course, designed by Arnold Palmer, had opened.

Yet the game remained a puzzle to many Chinese: When Palmer presented a commemorative golf ball to one of the workers on the project, the man tried to bite into it.

Pour moi comme pour les nombreux néophytes chinois du golf, une telle aide est précieuse. Bref, en Chine, le golf a fait beaucoup de chemin en peu de temps.

Dèson inaugurait le premier terrain de golf de la Chine moderne, conçu par Arnold Palmer. The cultural overlap has followed me to remote Hainan Island, a short f light from Shenzhen, where Mission Hills has just completed a second mammoth resort. The island, located in the southernmost part of China, is touted by Beijing as the Chinese Hawaii. For its own well-being, the central government has 1.

BELOW With kilometres of paths at Mission Hills Shenzhen, no wonder the guests want to take their carts for a spin, sending caddies to hang on in the back. RIGHT Mission Hills Haikou appeals to golfers and non-golfers alike by offering, among other things, a water complex with a man-made volcano. Unlike on the mainland, where Kenneth Chu, the Canada-educated executive vice-chairman of Mission Hills Group, dreams of putting stockmarket tickers and iPhone chargers in golf carts to keep his business clientele happy, on Hainan Island the emphasis is on entertaining the entire family.

Part chamber of commerce, part Communist Manifesto and part Cirque du Soleil, the show recounts with much visual pomp the history of the place. Yet construction continues to grow apace, thanks to a complex dance between local entrepreneurs and public officials who play the game but do not want to be seen doing so.

At Mission Hills Shenzhen, I even caught a glimpse of a red-shirted Tiger Woods, on hand for an afternoon to give a junior clinic before a frenzied crowd. You could spend an entire leisure day here moving from one pool to the next, even stopping to play a little chess while soaking in half a metre of water. There was nothing about this sort of hedonism in the Little Red Book.

But then, like the game of golf itself, this country is full of big surprises. Comme le dit M. Avec la réintégration du golf comme sport olympique aux Jeux de Rio de Janeiro, enle Céleste Empire désire ardemment former des champions. Mais, tout comme le golf, ce pays regorge de surprises.

Mission Hills Haikou n o. Q You like flYing alone, but the idea of talking to the stranger beside You makes You cringe. What should You do? Que faire? Avec de la chance, vous aurez un siège vide à côté de vous.

Et prenez une chambre double même si vous êtes seul : elles sont souvent au même prix, et vous aurez plus de place pour vos affaires. Nous aimons aussi Hotel Tonight, une appli gratuite pour iPhone et iPad permettant de réserver à la dernière minute et à bon prix dans des villes comme New York. Front-desk employees and concierges usually work longer shifts, so I tend to go to them first. Gostelow works out twice daily, even on the road.

I love to count them. Ce dernier ne jure d'ailleurs que par son iPhone pour se tirer du lit avant une réunion importante. Et comme vous serez le seul à porter vos bagages, tâchez de garder la forme. Mingling with strangers is fine, but soMetiMes all you really want to do is get back to your faMily as fast as possible.

There are several ways to make your trips short and sweet, i. Plan work around ideal flights. I do it the other way around, choosing flights that are convenient for my personal schedule, then try to plan meetings around them to avoid downtime.

After I land, I can go straight home. Le voyageur assidu Mitch Joel est aussi père de jeunes bambins. Il explique comment se rendre aux quatre coins du globe… et rentrer à temps pour border les enfants. Planifiez votre travail en fonction de vos heures de vol. Here are three worth checking out. Voici nos trois préférés. On est dans le désert, après tout. Best of all: your first drink is on the hotel. En prime : votre premier cocktail est sur le bras de la maison.

I ended up sharing a cab with a Member of Parliament. We chatted and bickered about whose expense account to charge the fare to. Nous avons bavardé et avons débattu pour décider sur quel compte de dépense porter la note. Snap out of it! Call the fanciest restaurant in town.

Insist on a table for one, centre of the room. You are the Lone Diner. You are très formidable. An entire dining room staff awaits your command. The kitchen brigade is poised. Ask the sommelier for a half-bottle of white Burgundy, nothing ostentatious, a Premier Cru will do. Order the tasting menu, the one requiring participation by the entire table. You are the entire table. Demand the most glutinous of desserts, the sort your loved ones claim is bad for you.

The cheese course is optional. Have it, of course. Do not read a paperback while eating. Converse with strangers who glance your way. There will be one or two.

He sees too few like you. Now and then, smile inscrutably, sit back and appreciate the person you are. You are dining with the best of all companions: yourself. Non merci! Appelez le resto le plus chic en ville, exigez une table pour une personne et bien placée, je vous prie.

Vous êtes le gastronome solitaire. Vous êtes délicieux. La brigade en cuisine est au garde-à-vous. À votre demande, le sommelier vous apporte une demi-bouteille de bourgogne blanc. Vous optez pour le menu dégustation, celui qui requiert la participation de toute la tablée. Vous êtes la tablée. Ça tombe bien, ils ne sont pas là. Le fromage est en option. Vous en prendrez, bien sûr.

Ne lisez pas en mangeant. Parlez aux inconnus qui vous zieutent ; il y en a toujours quelques-uns. De temps à autre, souriez mystérieusement. Calezvous dans votre siège et tenez-vous en haute estime. Vous êtes en excellente compagnie : la vôtre. Vous aurez peut-être quelques bons tuyaux. SometimeS a l ady juSt wantS to have a cocktail alone.

Les gens feront tout pour vous aider. San FRanciSco Essential advance reservations and a password at the door add a frisson of excitement to this secret bar in the edgy Lower Nob Hill district. Les barmans se feront un plaisir de poser un diagnostic et de vous prescrire un remède maison.

Mme Rooke a retrouvé la forme avec un drink au Campari. He seated me at a table directly on the street and basically implored every passing woman to have dinner with me. Thank God the food — and the three beers I had to forget about the owner — were amazing.

So you can travel with peace of mind, not a paper monster. So on a stopover in Oslo, I bought a ticket to the opera. Travel writer Meg Nolan van Reesema suggests that you use your iPad to browse a new portal called Grubwithus grubwithus. Knowing winks from a taxi driver and Mr. Range Rover behind him suggested I was a hot ticket trotting around on a summer afternoon. Oy, the longest hour of my life. Avec ses monuments en béton et ses tours en verre, Mexico se bâtit une solide réputation architecturale.

His geometric live-work space teeters on top of a plinth dug into a slope, proving why the architect is a pillar of Mexican Modernism. He likes building on hills that are sometimes so steep, the workers have to use climbing gear. Bosque de AcAciAs 6 1, c o l. When the Hotel Camino Real Polanco México this page and following spread opened as the official host property for the Olympic Summer Games, Ricardo Legorreta made waves with a fountain of eternally moving water.

Inspired by Aztec pyramids and colonial haciendas, the iconic architect splashed solid walls with bright hues, staying true to his goal of designing spaces that make people happy, and that aren't just for other architects to admire. General Mariano escobedocol. Stepping inside the city's Biblioteca Vasconcelos this spread and opening pagenamed after the Mexican intellectual José Vasconcelos, is like walking into a giant bookcase.

Architect Alberto Kalach suspended metal shelves and glass flooring along both sides of a metre-long atrium. The soaring translucent stacks jut into the void to create a ragged edge, just like the pages of a book. EjE 1 NortE Esq. Find out more at subaru. Vehicles shown solely for purposes of illustration, and may not be equipped exactly as shown. See your local Subaru dealer for complete program details. À Serenbe, en Géorgie, notre journaliste antigrano réalise qu'une utopie écolo est possible.

Et même agréable. The inn is like something out of Anne of Green Gables, with a farm and wood-clad buildings — except here, the interiors are all modern country. Terrific, I think to myself. Founded in to help curb urban sprawl, Serenbe its name was inspired by the word "serene," natch offers visitors hectares of wilderness dotted with hamlets built on the foundations of sustainable development. Think of it as a kind of paradise made from scratch with all the right ingredients.

That said, a few days in nature never hurt anyone, especially when it comes equipped with Wi-Fi. Once I arrive at the Blue Eyed Daisy bakery, on the other side of the meadow and its army of grasshoppers, I realize that my preconceived ideas about Serenbe are just that. While on one side of the small pastry shop a family finishes their meal, on the other a girl plugged into her MacBook dr eagan botox iced tea. And I get to treat myself to a chocolate cupcake topped with thick, neon-green mint frosting.

Garnie has promised to show me her favourite running trails. She waves to a passing jogger — everyone knows everyone here. Des animaux et des fleurs sauvages, me dis-je ironiquement. Une espèce de paradis fabriqué de toutes pièces. Je me méfie toujours de ces entreprises néohippies et de leurs piscines en gazon. Je devrai toutefois faire une croix sur mon projet de couronne de fleurs.

La jeune femme partage avec moi et plusieurs résidants une passion pour le jogging et désire me montrer les meilleurs sentiers où courir. Yes, please. Serenbe Playhouse members rehearsing The Ugly Duckling. Avec plaisir. Des membres du Serenbe Playhouse répètent une scène du Vilain petit canard. Catching my breath at a bend in the road, I notice charming country houses next to modern townhouses, street lamps in the shapes of trees, sidewalks yes, they have those too lined with flowers and even decorated garbage cans.

The plotline tells the story of four people trying to find love in New York; I know this because I stay until the end I never turn down a free performance.

Then for the main, Pitsch recommends the Serenbe farm vegetable plate: a mountain of rutabaga, broccoli, zucchini and carrots on a bed of mashed potatoes with shallots. Whatever, I think, as I crouch among the sprouts. When Witherington mentions the possibility of a storm, I permanente cheveux pour donner du volume her intimate dialogue with nature and ask, in awe, how she became so attuned that she can predict the weather.

Sorry again, Paige, about the row of spinach I mistook for weeds. Mais surtout, M. Nygren semble avoir un sens esthétique prononcé.

Je trouve soudainement mon petit quartier de Montréal très ringard. Chaque samedi, ces aliments sont vendus au marché du village. Le reste du temps, la gestionnaire de la ferme, Paige Witherington, se fera un plaisir de vous faire visiter son immense potager bio, que vous soyez prêt à vous salir ou non. Get a taste of the state with Flavors of Georgia, on the Food channel of the Television section on your seatback entertainment system.

Donnez-vous le goût du voyage en écoutant Flavors of Georgia sur la chaîne Gastronomie menu TV de votre écran personnel. Peu importe votre choix, vous risquez de trouver des biscuits aux brisures de chocolat tout chauds à votre arrivée. A second wave of creativity is hitting the home of Belgium's avant-garde. Here are our new Antwerp Six.

Une seconde vague de créativité déferle sur la capitale artistique belge. With its overlapping grids of red stone blocks decorated with hands a symbol of Antwerpthe new MAS, which opened in May, looks like an oversize game of Tetris. Here, the past flows through the present. A local celebrity, Geunes a former TV personality with two Michelin stars blends French and Flemish cuisine with molecular gastronomy.

Star locale, Geunes deux étoiles au Michelin et ex-vedette téléfusionne les cuisines française et flamande et la gastronomie moléculaire. Manger des yeux prend ici tout son sens. To illustrate, she points to two of her creations: a long, black raw-wool skirt and a leather biker jacket with asymmetrical zippers.

Arcade Fire is blasting out as Romain Brau, a Frenchman with a singsong voice, a coppery mane and leopard-print flats, sashays through an ordered chaos of dresses, collectibles and accessories scattered haphazardly amid furniture and plants.

Situated on an antiques row where collectors from all over the world come to forage, the place spreads out over two floors filled with exhibit spaces, art books, magazines and a vintage corner where you can find designs by Céline and Montana. The contemporary collection includes cutting-edge pieces by Rodarte and Henrik Vibskov, among others. You feel free: Antwerp is extremely openminded. La boutique contemporaine offre quant à elle une sélection pointue de créateurs tels Rodarte et Henrik Vibskov.

Nous avons créé la boutique de nos rêves. At Eukanuba we want to bring out the extraordinary in every dog, including yours. See for yourself. Settle for nothing less than extraordinary nutrition. Limit one per household. Today, the Zuid, as the South of Antwerp is known, is a prized part of the city, buffered from tourists and overflowing with brasseries.

Demaegd, who launched the careers of native Antwerp artists Luc Tuymans and Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, is partly responsible for this boom. I was one of the first to show the work of Rem Koolhaas, but nobody showed up. Today, the Zuid has become more mainstream — as has Demaegd, who now specializes in painting and sculpture.

Demaegd, qui a lancé les carrières des Anversois Luc Tuymans et Anne-Mie van Kerckhoven, est en partie responsable de cette vitalité. Register today at www. To register or to obtain a list of participating airlines and partners, complete offer details and Priority Club Rewards terms and conditions, visit www. The show, entitled Layers of Skin, deals with human anatomy and the limits of movement. Van Huffel, who spent several years in England, returned to his hometown in to work in a more quiet environment.

Van Huffel, qui a longtemps vécu en Angleterre, est rentré dans sa ville natale en pour travailler dans un climat plus paisible. Et à ne pas se conformer. In Paracas, o n the so u th coast o f Per u, deserted beaches a r e as co mmo n as PIn k f l a mIn gos.

I squint into the sun as the driver picks up speed and steers our four-seat buggy toward another dune. When we reach the crest, I can see nothing but sky ahead. I start laughing uncontrollably. This must be what dogs feel when they ride in a car with the windows rolled down. The shifting dunes — a sepia love letter written by the wind — have apparently cast a dry spell on me.

The magic is enhanced when I find out that buried under all the sand is a city built out of gold by the ancient Paracas people.

But their allure could also have something to do with adrenalin. Conquering the summit of another giant sand heap, we stop. But rather than standing on the board, I plant myself on my stomach. I lower my goggles and push off with my arms like a skeleton racer. My heart does a triple take, and for a moment I forget that the rest of the world exists.

This corner of southwestern Peru is a decompression chamber for stressed and sun-starved souls like me, or the chef and the real estate agent from Lima with whom I shared a round or two?

They told me they always come here, especially on weekends, for the guaranteed glorious weather and good time. Indeed, throngs of Limeños — including 85 percent of the guests at my hotel — descend on the town of Paracas pop. Le conducteur coupe le moteur. Il détache une planche de la maigre structure tubulaire de notre tout-terrain, puis frotte son dessous avec une bougie. Plutôt que de me dresser sur la planche, je me couche à plat ventre.

On les comprend : la capitale péruvienne est sous. Ou demandez qu'on emmène en catamaran sur la baie de Paracas. And who can blame them? So much for my Florida parallel. I play land crab and drive around the reserve instead, making my way by a salt lagoon, the harvest of which ends up on dinner tables and icy roads in Canada.

The hills are alive with fossils, ancient burial grounds and, above all, a rainbow of hues. Even the shoreline gets the artist treatment: In the distance, red beaches separate caramel sandstone cliffs from turquoise water. Exiting the Paracas reserve, I pass a shallow lagoon created by the high tide.

A pink ribbon hovers above the water, whose surface has been smashed to shards by the wind. But after asking my driver to take me to his favourite beachside eatery, I do get a close-up view. He circles a roundabout adorned with — yes! Then he turns toward El Chaco, the wharf where fishermen haul in their daily catch across from hole-inthe-wall shops hawking wool bags, tie-dye T-shirts and fridge magnets.

I grab a seat on the shaded patio of Restaurant Bahía and order a Cusqueña beer and fried rockfish. The couple at the table beside me is drinking Inca Kola, the most ubiquitous. J'ai apporté mon maillot et j'ai hâte de me baigner. Ce matin, en me servant du pain perdu caramélisé aux mangues, le personnel de l'hôtel m'a dit que les plages seraient formidablement désertes. Ici s'arrête le parallèle avec la Floride. Mais celui qui a baptisé cet océan a manifestement oublié les marées et les gigantesques vagues qui l'agitent.

Je ne trempe même pas l'orteil dans cet effarant tourbillon et suis soulagée d'avoir oublié les citrons pour assaisonner les pétoncles que je comptais en retirer. Tel un crabe de terre, je quitte les côtes et pars à la découverte de la réserve avec mon guide, longeant un marais salant dont la récolte finit sur les tables et les routes enneigées du Canada. En sortant du parc, nous suivons une lagune peu profonde créée par la marée.

Un autre moment floridien. Puis il prend la direction du quai El Chaco, où les pêcheurs ramènent leurs prises quotidiennes, en face de minuscules échoppes vendant sacs tricotés, tee-shirts tie-dye et aimantins. Above The seafood shacks along the El Chaco wharf compete for the claim of serving the freshest ceviches and scallops in town. While waiting for my meal, I munch on cancha, kidney-bean-size chulpe corn kernels toasted with oil and sprinkled with salt.

A man with two pelicans in tow nods to me. But I actually do want to take pictures of pelicans — and Humboldt penguins and Peruvian boobies and guanay cormorants too. I just prefer to photograph them in the wild. But hordes of sea lions congregate here it must be the eternal sunshineconverting pebble beaches into nurseries. I hold on to my hat as our boat bumps through the waves. And they churn out a supply of fertilizer so rich that even farming in the desert is possible. Indeed, in the s, Peru sold so much guano, mainly to England and France, that the country was able to pay off its entire foreign debt.

Before rounding the Paracas Peninsula on our way back to dry land, we make a final stop. Etched into the sandy hill is what looks like an enormous three-armed candlestick. Or it could be the lightning rod of the creator god Viracocha. Un homme trimballant deux pélicans me fait signe. Des manchots de Humboldt aussi. Et des fous péruviens et des cormorans de Bougainville.

Mais je préfère le faire dans leur habitat naturel. Je me cramponne alors que notre embarcation frappe les vagues. Bientôt, des cris stridents enterrent le bruit du moteur. Je dors. Toute une manne. À notre retour sur la terre ferme, en contournant la péninsule de Paracas, nous faisons un dernier arrêt. Gravé sur un coteau sablonneux, un immense géoglyphe représente un chandelier à trois branches. Les Paracas en révéraient un en particulier, pour ses propriétés hallucinogènes.

Ou alors, le paratonnerre du dieu créateur Viracocha. Je fais tourner le verre et hume les arômes de banane et de citronnelle. Un excellent digestif. Tout cela porte à confusion, car le temps de goûter aux huit cépages.

Before reaching the city of Ica, an hour southeast of Paracas, my designated driver veers off the Pan-American Highway onto a bumpy road that seems to lead to nowhere. The tasting room displays old farm implements and dusty bottles. Created by the pre-Inca Nazca people in a manner similar to that of El Candelabro, these giant drawings on the ground — including animal motifs and trapezoids with lines measuring up to three kilometres in length — can only be seen from above.

I hitch a ride in a Cessna along with five other passengers. As we reach the Nazca plateau, the pilot descends to metres. We fly in over figures representing a whale, a botox capillaire fourches fox and a spider, among other creatures, the pilot making pirouettes around each for a really good view. To let all the mysteries sink in, I go for a dip in the hotel pool, then get dressed for dinner.

But before I head to the Ballestas Restaurant, I cozy up at the bar facing the sea and ask for a Paracas Sour, a twist on the classic drink, made with cinnamoninfused pisco and mandarin instead of lime juice.

I take another mouthful, savouring the sweetness. This I know for a fact. Mais ma soif de connaissances est intacte. Je pars donc en mission. Il freine pour éviter des poules élevées au très grand air, nous bringuebale le long de champs de coton Tangüis dont les fibres ont peut-être servi au polo que vous porteztraverse une rivière en bordure de laquelle un village entier a trouvé refuge contre la chaleur, pour arriver enfin à Viña Tacama.

Sans doute parce que les vins péruviens sont encore un peu mystérieux. Mais la plus grande énigme de la région, ce sont les géoglyphes de Nazca. Je monte donc dans un Cessna, en compagnie de cinq autres passagers. Quand nous atteignons le plateau de Nazca, le pilote descend à m pour survoler une baleine, un colibri et une araignée, entre autres créatures. Un singe fixe quelque chose au loin, sa longue queue enroulée comme un petit moulin à vent. Un humanoïde me fait un signe de la main.

Je prends une autre gorgée, savourant la douceur. Ne manquez pas le célèbre brunch dominical du Ballestas ; on a adoré la pieuvre grillée et le ceviche aux fruits de mer. Keep your judgement pure. Drink responsibly. H O The idea? The reSulT? Shaun has to go! Shaun doit y aller! Shaun has to go to the mint because touching a medal is irresistible. Shaun doit visiter la Monnaie, car toucher une médaille est irrésistible.

I expected the bartender to reach behind him for the potato vodka, imagining a fantastical concoction involving a pearl onion, a side of Yukon Gold and sour cream around the rim of the glass, but he disappeared into the kitchen instead.

Ten minutes later he emerges with cutlery and a large martini glass filled with Grade A PEI potato whipped to deliciousness with a truckload of garlic, sundried tomatoes, scallions, chives, Reggiano cheese and double-smoked bacon chunks. I signed up for a tour with a bunch of people from the U.

I think they should change the pictures on our money to reflect its brawn: Perhaps, instead of a loon, we could have a beaver on steroids flexing like a WWE wrestler? Or a Canada goose pile-driving an eagle? It turns out this particular mint produces investment coins, collector coins and Olympic medals.

Did you know Canada is the only country to produce a million-dollar coin? Me semble que nos pièces ver manga ao haru ride submanga monnaie devraient refléter sa force. Saviez-vous que le Canada est le seul pays à produire une pièce de un million de dollars?

Voilà un bon endroit où poser sa bière. Je le recommande à Shaun en guise de bienvenue dans la famille de Thunder Bay. But then I opened the door. You can feel the buzz waft out of the place. Why, synchrotron radiation research, of course.

People come from all over the world to do research. Good one, Majumder! À la recherche sur le rayonnement synchrotron, non? Des chercheurs de partout dans le monde migrent donc vers Saskatoon. La pognez-vous? Je veux fournir à Shaun des souvenirs impérissables. But our guide was convinced we'd see an orca. Off in the distance we suddenly saw a bunch of boats moving slowly toward us. There were four orcas in total. Mais notre guide semblait bien décidé à nous montrer un épaulard autrement dit, une orque.

On a soudain aperçu des embarcations qui avançaient lentement vers nous. Il y avait quatre épaulards au total.

Is your business in the cloud? By: Leyland Brown, HP Canada While every business is unique, there are three pain points that many Canadian small and medium-sized businesses SMBs share: generating sales, managing cash flow, and maintaining flexibility.

SMBs are increasingly turning to cloud computing to address this — even though they might not realize it. This means that a cloud model can help your business add capabilities without having to invest in or manage new infrastructure, often making it possible to access enterprise-grade software and IT resources that may be otherwise unattainable because they are too expensive or complex.

When it comes to choosing how solutions are delivered and used within an organization, cloud computing allows for complete flexibility — meaning that with an Internet connection, employees can access cloud-based resources using a notebook, a tablet PC or even a smartphone, whether the device is company-provided or personally adapted for corporate use.

This flexibility means easier manageability, enhanced security and accelerated ROI. There are two main types of clouds: the public cloud and the private cloud.

For most businesses, public cloud services provide the most appealing, flexible and costeffective solution because users access IT on demand over the Internet with pay-as-you-go models, such as those from Salesforce. IT infrastructure — but not your proprietary information stored within — is shared across multiple customers, thereby dividing the cost and maintenance of these services among a larger user base.

It is similar to a public utility: instead of each household or business building and maintaining their own electrical generators, for instance, they contract out to a public utility company that provides for their needs.

While this shows that Canadian SMBs are starting to realize the benefits of this technology, it also demonstrates that there are many more who have yet to seize this opportunity. Visit us online at www. Out to the Dinghy Dock Pub we went! I can picture an act with a parrot on my shoulder playing the straight guy.

I ordered a couple of pints and downed them with some delicious fresh seafood — the fried halibut was as good as back home. I would bring a sword and eye patch, though, in case you feel out of place. Cap sur le Dinghy Dock Pub, moussaillon! Quant au pub, rendez-vous animé le week-end, sa déco évoque un repaire de pirates. Mille sabords! Apportez une épée et un bandeau si vous voulez passer inaperçu.

Over the last ten years, The Keg Spirit Foundation has raised over 5. These charities provide help and mentoring to children and youth in need. Visit your local Keg Steakhouse anytime before November 27th and by purchasing one of the entrees or Open wines that are featured on our special Keg Spirit Foundation menu, you too will be helping support local youth charities.

Some arts degrees E S abbr. With skill Appareil destiné à la relaxation 2. I AuLrevoir. Native de La Réole. EI Prix. O Après leNsol. N Préfixe E portuS C gais et anagramme de soul. Union centriste Massif du Portugal. Unité internationale. Gallium Acide ribonucléique sigle angl. Badaud 2. Pullulent dans nos têtes. B AvantI le mi. R Bernaches. Délégué R E 6.

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Hamburg river AE3. Big bird DL6. Water pitcher O I D Vintage god? Pack down Pivot Freeway fare Upgrade to Royal Service and get pampered by your very own personal butler, enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars or indulge in a relaxing massage at the YHI Spa. Take your senses on a culinary tour around the world with eleven remarkable restaurants serving a variety of cuisine and ten bars serving unlimited, international premium-brand drinks.

Royal Service guests can exclusively indulge at La Palapa, an à-la-carte restaurant with a private indoor bar, a swim-up bar and an enticing menu for breakfast and dinner, as well as a great selection of snacks available throughout the day.

Élégant, en bordure de mer, entouré d'une mangrove tropicale et doté de vues sur Cozumel, ce complexe hôtelier représente une base idéale depuis laquelle il est possible d'explorer une série de plages incroyables ainsi que la célèbre 5e avenue de Playa, Xcaret, Akumal et Xel-Ha.

Obtenez un surclassement en service royal et vous serez chouchouté par votre propre majordome, pourrez déguster un souper romantique à la belle étoile ou bénéficier d'un massage relaxant au YHI Spa.

Les suites signatures avec service royal de Paradisus offrent un luxe inégalé en formule tout-compris, dont le service de couverture personnalisé, votre choix d'oreillers aromatisés, la préparation du JacuzziMD dans la chambre, la livraison quotidienne de journaux ainsi qu'une machine à expresso et un minibar approvisionné tous les jours, selon vos préférences.

Titillez vos sens en faisant un tour du monde culinaire grâce à onze restaurants remarquables proposant une excellente variété de cuisines et dix bars servant des boissons de marques internationales illimitées.

Les invités du service royal profitent exclusivement de La Palapa, un restaurant à la carte comprenant un bar intérieur privé, un bar accessible par la piscine et un menu appétissant pour le petit-déjeuner et le souper, ainsi qu'une incroyable sélection de collations disponibles pendant toute la journée. This ultimate, chill-out club features a bar, restaurant and beach club.

Ce club branché comprend un bar, un restaurant et un club de plage. A touch of retro chic elevates elegant, signature cuisine and dramatic, decadent desserts. Choose between eating indoors, in a private dining room or on a gorgeous outdoor terrace. Simply divine. Une touche rétro et chic étoffe une cuisine élégante et des desserts décadents. Le restaurant comprend une salle à manger privée à l'intérieur et sur une magnifique terrasse extérieure. Mole features contemporary Mexican cuisine in a lively setting with a special quesadilla-making area à la "Tres Marías!

Dans la même année, elle a reçu le prix d'excellence en tourisme Prince Felipe pour la deuxième fois. Paradisus Playa del Carmen was entirely constructed using local materials, a choice that benefits both the local community and economy. Paradisus Playa del Carmen a été entièrement construit avec des matériaux locaux, un choix qui profite à la fois à la communauté et à l'économie locales. Toutes les plantes faisant partie de l'aménagement paysager luxuriant du complexe sont indigènes, un choix qui a un effet favorable sur l'écosystème local.

Throughout the resort guests will discover vertical gardens. These living walls are a great way to maximize green space. All waste is sorted and dealt with in the most effective and environmentally friendly ways available.

The indigenous mangrove swamps were left totally undisturbed. Discover this unique habitat from special walkways and bridges. Enjoy life-enriching activities that include sustainable initiatives like lessons from local artisans on traditional art forms. Les invités découvriront des jardins verticaux à travers le complexe. Ces murs vivants représentent une manière idéale de tirer le meilleur parti des espaces verts.

Les mangroves indigènes ont été laissées intactes. Découvrez cet habitat unique depuis des passerelles et ponts spéciaux. Profitez d'activités enrichissantes comprenant des initiatives durables telles que des cours offerts par des artisans locaux sur des formes d'art traditionelles.

Set to open in November the all-new Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Esmeralda promises a unique experience of unpretentious luxury, undisturbed tranquility and carefree exhilaration in an extraordinary oceanfront location. The family-friendly half of the new Paradisus Playa del Carmen, La Esmeralda is an elegant resort, offering eleven sensational restaurants serving culinary creations from around the world and ten bars, including the very chic Gabi Beach Club.

And Paradisus La Esmeralda has some special treats in store for you parents too, including spacious suites, a Family Concierge to help organize your vacation time, private pool and beach areas, a VIP lounge with private check in and checkout and the exclusive Hydro Grill with private indoor bar, swim-up bar and casual dining.

But what this resort is really all about is your kids. With signature Family Concierge suites this exciting new resort has truly created an outstanding family experience. How about: a Paradise Kids Beach-kit upon check-in with hat and T-shirt, beach toys, mini sunscreen and a bag pack, walkie-talkies for constant contact. La famille en fête au Paradisus La Esmeralda L'ouverture prévue du tout nouveau Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Esmeralda en novembre promet de traduire une expérience de luxe modeste, de tranquillité apaisante et d'exaltation insouciante dans un cadre extraordinaire en bordure de mer.

Le côté profamille du nouveau Paradisus Playa del Carmen, La Esmeralda constitue un complexe élégant doté de onze restaurants sensationnels servant des créations culinaires du monde entier et de dix bars, dont le très chic Gabi Beach Club. Avant tout, ce complexe est particulièrement destiné à vos enfants. Les suites familiales avec service de conciergerie de ce palpitant nouveau complexe promettent une expérience familiale hors du commun.

Quelques faits saillants qui marqueront incontestablement vos meilleures vacances : une trousse de plage Paradise pour enfants offerte lors de l'enregistrement comprenant un chapeau et un tee-shirt, des jouets pour la plage, une crème solaire format mini et un sac à dos, des walkiestalkies assyrant une communication constante parents-enfants, un incroyable club pour enfants avec une grande variété d'activités, du lait et des biscuits au coucher ainsi que des peignoirs et pantoufles pour enfants.

Et ce n'est que le début d'une grande aventure pour vos trésors. Le Paradisus La Esmeralda a également de quoi gâter les parents avec ses suites spacieuses, un concierge pour la famille qui prêtera son assistance pour l'organisation de votre horaire de vacances, des sections de piscine et de plage privées, un bar-salon VIP avec enregistrement et les départs privés ainsi que l'exclusif Hydro Grill comptant un bar intérieur privé, un bar accessible par la piscine et une restauration décontractée.

Et quand vous aurez envie de partager un peu de temps spécial en couple, pourquoi ne pas profiter d'une activité enrichissante telle qu'un cours de tango ou de confection de sushi?

Comme il s'agit de vos vacances, vous avez le choix. Explore Mayan ruins at Tulum, swim in a cenote or snorkel a colourful coral reef. Explorez les ruines mayas à Tulum, nagez dans un cénote ou faites de la plongée en apnée dans un récif de corail coloré. Learn to paint, to swim, to savour wines or to tango. Apprenez à peindre, nager, apprécier le vin ou danser le tango.

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Others to watch for include Kim Clijsters and the top-ranked Caroline Wozniacki. Kim Clijsters et la première joueuse mondiale Caroline Wozniacki seront aussi de la partie. A collection of Swarovski-crystalencrusted necklaces and bracelets, shoes designed for Lacoste and Melissa and a sleek three-wheeled automobile prototype are among the highlights.

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As a man, instead of bringing suits, I bring two jackets and three pants to mix and match so you never look the same. I also pack five shirts, two casual days worth of clothes, seven days of undergarments and do laundry once a week. Stuff your shoes with socks for more room — plus it preserves the shape of your shoes during travel. Psychothérapies et Chimiothérapies en Médecine Aéronautique.

Delahaye, G. Gueffier, H. Seris, R. The Centrifuge as a Therapeutic Device. Pelligra, S. Stein, J. Markham, P. Lippe, J. Noyes, J. Dickson et al. Ten Doesschate, R. Hoppenbrouwers, M. Decompression Sickness in Aviation. Decompression Sickness and the Cardiovascular System. Gas Exchange at Low Ambient Pressure. Oxygen Tolerances and Adverse Reactions. Dynamic Cross-Coupling in the Semicircular Canals.

Interactions Between Semicircular Canals and Gravireceptors. Central Regulation of Vestibular Function. Circadian Periodicity of Reaction-Times. It is dedicated to General E. I am deeply grateful to the Congress Committee for honoring me with this editorship, to the authors for submitting generally excellent manuscripts and to the publisher for compiling a book of such high quality. This book contains both Main Theme papers, given by invited lecturers, and selected Free Communications at the Congress.

Main Themes were 'physiology of atmospheric pressure' papers by Ernsting, Meijne, Sluijter, Behnke'vestibular problems in aviation medicine' papers by Melvill Jones, Benson, Oosterveld, Groen, Guedry and Benson, Brandt, Henriksson and Nilsson'aviation and cardiology' papers by Blackburn, Wood and 'space medicine' paper by Berry. The Free Communications herein focus on many areas of continuing and timely interest to clinicians and investigators in aerospace medicine.

Selection and health maintenance of pilots, medical problems in airline passengers, use of the centrifuge as a therapeutic device, and circadian rhythm effects on man's psychophysiological state receive particular attention.

Editors and affiliations.