Hyperpigmentation brown skin

Vous pouvez poser vos questions en direct sur notre tchat, une conseillère vous répondra immédiatement. Leave us your phone number and reason for calling. A consultant will recall you as soon as possible. Pigmentation on black and dark skin. List of subjects. The pigmentation process: melanogenesis The melanogenesis which is responsible for pigmentation is a response to an exterior stimulus: ultra-violet rays UVs.

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Send us an email. Why do these dark spots form, and how can you get rid of them for good? The appearance of dark spots on skin is caused by melanin : in addition to giving skin its colour, or "pigment", it also plays an anti-inflammatory role.

When skin is damagedthe skin produces melanin to help healing. The problem for dark skin, contrary to Caucasian or Asian skin, is that the dark spots caused by excessive melanin production fade very slowly. This can be especially problematic when someone has an acne flare-up, for example. After treating the cause of your dark spots e. Exposure to sunlight can make dark spots even darker, and may even cause new spots to appear.

This is also why it is best to treat dark spots in the winter. Because blemishes can often leave dark spots once they have healed, it is very important to not touch or pick at them! This can cause a dark spot that takes even longer to go away or leave a scar.

Hyperpigmentation brown skin

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Hyperpigmentation brown skin

J e vis en Afrique, donc soleil tout au long de l'année pratiquement, et j'ai une hyperpigmentation au niveau du cou et du visage. J'ai aussi des täches et bouton. N 'y a t'il pas un traitement de l'intérieur de l'organisme? Je veux retrouver mon teint naturel.

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