Ponoka stampede rides 2019

Stampede rodeo results 2019

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Ponoka stampede rides 2019

VOTE fans. Season 10 Wrap Party. She joined the Armed Forces at 18 years old and served as a Sergeant until She married the love of her life, John who served in the Air Forceon October 4, Here she worked at the Royal Hotel Smokeshop until her Multiple Sclerosis progressed which forced her to be at home.

On April 6, she hopped on the airplane with her daughter to fly to Alberta and was placed in Long Term Care in Coronation until December 21, Here she loved to play bingo, join in on daily activities, go on field trips with the residents, join in on crafts, and join in on monthly celebrations favorite ones being St.

Prior to ever being placed in LTC, Connie loved her gardening growing beautiful flowersloved her bluebirds, loved building a nice home cooked meal, enjoyed baking apple and lemon meringue pies and cinnamon buns, reading astrology books, doing book puzzles, reading Harlequin romance novels, and watching her daily soaps.

She was a night owl…so she enjoyed staying up late into the night watching movies. Connie made several trips home to spend with her daughter in Ponoka and enjoyed having lunch or supper along with rum and Pepsi, and a few cigarettes. Connie will be remembered for her contagious smile, her quick wit, her continual laughter, and just having fun, and calling a spade, a spade.

She never complained about anything.