Prides of pakistan

The wife of a potter, for example, dressed differently from the wife of a tanner. Askari, who now studies textiles full time. One of the great sights of Pakistan is the Indus River, whose gray waters meander from the mountainous Northern Areas near China to its outlet on the Arabian Sea, and the curators use its image as the motif to travel upriver through the four major regions of the country: Sind, Baluchistan, Punjab and North-West Frontier Province.

Many of the pastoral and agrarian tribal areas have remained untouched by any international fashion intrusions, particularly in the northern areas, where the first highway link was built only 45 years ago.

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The cities, too, which gained from the Muslim migrations at partition inhave maintained the sophisticated floral and geometric motifs of Mughal culture. Although the national dress for men and women has settled down méthode cheveux pousse plus vite the shalwar kameez, full trousers cuffed at the heel and a tunic, the variety of shapes and the densely embroidered designs are a visible expression of a rich culture that prides itself on being dressed properly for the milestones and ceremonies of life.

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Centinaia di migliaia di indiani, dagli anni Novanta, hanno lasciato questa regione a causa delle violenze. Mi chiedo perché non discutiamo delle numerose vittime di attentati e di scontri e perché non parliamo delle minacce e delle discriminazioni religiose portate avanti dal Pakistan.

In generale penso che noi, come Europa, dovremmo rispettare la sovranità degli Stati e rispettare e stare vicino a chi porta avanti misure di sicurezza per contrastare i fenomeni terroristici. Nosheena Mobarik ECR. Therefore, I am ashamed by the lack of resolution on Kashmir.

If we profess our belief in human rights and religious freedom, then why are we silent? How long do we stay silent? How bad does it have to get?

Prides of pakistan

Let us put aside our apathy, or indeed our eagerness to conclude a free-trade agreement, and examine our conscience: democratic principles, peace and stability are ultimately in the interests of India too. Why do I say partiality? The fact is that there are human-rights violations in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and very many honourable colleagues look the other way.

Let me be clear: the solution to Kashmir is not going to be found in this Chamber. The solution to Kashmir will come when state-sponsored terrorism and global misinformation by Pakistan ends, then dialogue will follow.

Why should Kashmiris have fewer rights than those enjoyed by Indians elsewhere? Gilles Lebreton ID. Ryszard Czarnecki ECR. Da un lato vi è una modifica costituzionale, approvata a larga maggioranza dalla Camera alta e dalla Camera bassa.

Dall'altro, è del tutto mancata la consultazione dei cittadini del Kashmir. Ricordo le parole di Jawaharlal Nehru: "abbiamo dato la nostra parola d'onore per una soluzione pacifica, va rispettata".

Il primo rapporto ONU sui diritti umani in Kashmir prevedeva una commissione d'inchiesta per le violazioni commesse da ambo le parti. I diritti umani sono la stella polare che guida tutte le iniziative dell'Unione. Come Unione europea e come Parlamento europeo, abbiamo il dovere morale e politico di mettere a disposizione la nostra esperienza per trovare una soluzione pacifica che promuova la democrazia e la pace. Auspico e confido che questa sarà la strada che percorreremo insieme.

Julie Lechanteux ID.

On se focalise sur la réforme constitutionnelle, mais on oublie la poussée séparatiste et la question de sécurité. La situation au Jammu-et-Cachemire s'est aggravée. Une série d'attaques islamistes a eu lieu contre les forces de l'ordre, comme le 14 février, quand une voiture piégée a tué 40 policiers, ou le 2 août dernier, avec la découverte d'un arsenal qui aurait dû servir pour commettre un attentat contre les milliers de pèlerins hindous qui se rendent chaque année dans la grotte sacrée d'Amarnath.

Dans ce cadre, les mesures de sécurité prises par Narendra Modi, le premier ministre indien, visent à garantir la sécurité du pays, la protection de ses concitoyens et l'étanchéité de la frontière avec la République islamique du Pakistan qui, depuisse retrouve à nouveau sur la liste américaine des États à l'attitude ambiguë à l'égard du péril terroriste.

Voilà les faits. We hear continually of violations of human rights, including the use of shotguns against civilians.

Take the case of Asrar Ahmed Khan. Despite denials by the Indian Government, medical records released by the hospital present clear qui a essayé anti rides express that he died as a result of a shotgun pellet to the head.

I visited Azad Kashmir last year and heard accounts of even infants being fired at with shotguns. There can never ever be any excuse for killing, maiming and blinding small children. I really cannot understand why a great nation like India, which prides itself on the strength of its democracy, behaves in this way. India aspires to be a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

Events of the past month are not the actions of a credible candidate. Dinesh Dhamija Renew. The EU does not want to appear neo—colonial on matters that are sub judice.

The Indian Supreme Court is independent and does a really good job. According to Indians, there are 40 new laws that will now apply to Kashmiris: a ban on the triple talaq divorce that is terrible for women, prohibition of child marriage, protection of women from domestic violence, etc. There are 40 of them. So, please, look at the other side. No es el caso de la India.

Integra la diversidad de un orden federal de gran complejidad y ha garantizado esa convivencia de distintas minorías, incluida la minoría musulmana, en un país con mayoría de otras religiones. Chris Davies Renew. We know we have a divided house but I think the position taken by the High Representative in expressing concern for human rights is the right balance. And communication bans, loss of any sort of sense of self—determination must feed a sense of injustice in Kashmir.

So I have to ask the Minister: words have been very good, will there be any actions to follow them up? I would like to thank the honourable Members for their contributions, comments and suggestions.