Rides at chessington theme park

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Billet mobile. Vue d'ensemble. Planifiez votre journée de divertissement en famille à l'avance avec ce billet pour le Chessington World of Adventures Resort avec plus de 40 manèges et attractions, tels que le tout nouveau spectacle très apprécié des familles Gruffalo River Ride Adventure.

Terminez avec un déjeuner inclus dans les restaurants du centre, votre famille aura une entrée garantie à cette attraction populaire idéalement située à proximité de Londres. If you have bills to pay, do not work here.

Management are honestly the worst here. They will allow guests to abuse you both physically and verbally and still they say the guests are always "right" so they will give them fast track to make their experience "Like no other" Job Security is something which is not even thought about at chessington.

You must reapply every year for your job and there is no guarantee that you will get it back even if you have shown commitment and worked hard! The best part of the job was the other people you worked with that wasn't on a management level. They are the people who keep you in the job. Fun environment, fun friendly people and easy to get on with, same with a few of the managers.

It can be very busy some days or really quiet on others. Can be stressful or relaxed and enjoyable. At times the work is hard, with very long hours, but overall there is a good sense of working as part of a team. Overall chessington was a good place to work especially as a first job as taster to a work life it is an fairly easy job. The typical day was opeining up making sure stock was full and that we had enough stock to last the day. Also learned new skills to potentialy help for the future.

Managment changed quite often, however the work place culture was very exspanded. Hardest part was staying on top of everything and producing quick customer service during very busy times. Most enjoyable part was meeting new people and working in a good team environment.

It was ok. I enjoyed working with the people but it was hard work and very tiring most more then any jobs I have worked for due to low staff it was all on me really. Treated like a robot. As a young entry level worker on a zero hours contract me and my colleagues were taken advantage of and made to work for illegal lengths of time with no breaks.

Chessington is a nice place to work as my managers and superiors were very patient with me when it came to my training. It is a nice experience as the staff I worked with are very kind and approachable. Chessington is a fun work place however there is big division between hosts normal staff and management. However team leaders can be understanding and fun. Points positifs. Their are some good staff there too! Family-Like Environment. Working at Chessington as a Rides attendant has taught me skills i couldn't be taught anywhere else.

Everyone in the Rides office is friendly and helpful and look after their staff to ensure everyone gets fair breaks, toilet covers and special events throughout the season to celebrate our efforts so far.

Chessington have an overall rating of 5. They make a conscious effort to ensure both their staff and guests are both safe and happy and go out of their way to be the best they can to do so. Chessington ensure that they pay their workers very well and make sure they are treated the best they can. Very annoying. Was not given any training for this job so I was left struggling and confused for most of the time. Management are a hassle and there were times where I had to skip breaks to get all the rooms done on time.

Long hours And Terrible management. Management have no regard for their staff and put too much pressure on staff. Fun Summer Job. Chessington World of Adventures is a fun summer job to have working with friends however is not a practical permanent job unless you're in management due to it being seasonal work and low salary. Management are great and it's a very relaxed working environment. They have some good benefits however salary is low even working full time.

The hours are longer than advertised due to having to wait until the park has cleared to go home and they extend working days during the school holidays and on unexpected busier days can be last minute notice. A very good job if you're wanting to do something fun and different! It was okay.