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Rideshare phoenix az craigslist

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An absolute joke. After working it for a few months, I'm seriously shocked that drivers continue to let themselves be exploited by this company. If you're using your OWN car and gas, you should be allowed to get tipped, period. Uber has set this ridiculous precedent of drivers not being tipped, in combination with extremely low wages. All the riders ever say is how cheap it is I got a trip request once that was 15 minutes away I don't get paid for any of that time or gas getting over there, and then the fare will most likely be between 2 and 8 dollars.

And you're supposed to take every fare that pops up lol I could go on and on, just don't do it if you're considering it. Bunch of snakes that company is. Points positifs. Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile? Uber is cheating on these reviews. There is absolutely no way Uber would have this many drivers speaking so positively of the company. The pay is below minimum wage and the flexibility is only useful if you do not want to make much money.

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On many trips you actually LOSE money. I would encourage anyone wondering about Uber to Google them or look at all the driver videos on YouTube. Their rating with the Better Business Bureau is an F. They have PR people that contact reporters who do articles on them and most likely those same people are on here everyday saying good things about UBER. It is not true. In addition to very low pay, the customer serious is notoriously bad. The only way they will even speak to you is through email.

How can something like this end up with such a good rating on this site? Very low pay, wear and tear on vehicle, fuel costs, very bad customer service and corporate dishonesty. Very bad for drivers. Doesnt worse it. Hi, i ve been driving uber for a year and i am not here to complain about my job since they dont care at all about driver's opinion. I really wonna suggest for someone researching about uber job and planning to invest for uber and drive for them.

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And their rating system makes you always upset, even you do good job driving very safe with good city knowledge car is clean and new passenger also so happy from the ride but after dropping off the rider you will see that you low rated because a lot of nasty passangers in the city,they dont care how you treat them good or bad they still leave you 1 star, which is absolutly annoying and kills your motivation, nowadays a lot of drivers dont wonna drive for uber first of all payment is so low and they really tired from uber's strict rating system.

Love picking and dropping off people safely to their destination was a great experience, meeting people from different walks of life was awesome. Plus you have idiots rating you as a driver. Not worth it unless you are a glutton for punishment. I had to drive to San Francisco just to talk to a human being who worked for Uber for my Apt complex to get them to say I no longer work for the company.

It's a very poor company. Way too many drivers in Savannah, I averaged about 8 dollars per hour, They don't pay when promised, and there is almost no way to contact them, you never talk to someone its always a computer generated response.

Waste of time. When you deduct your gas cost ,wear and tear ,maintenance cost and the hours that you are on the road you may be making close to a minimum wage. Uber does not pay enough to put wear and tear and gas in your car! They take too much in fees! You don't make enough to pay for gas and have money left! After the termination of Craigslist adult personals section on the popular personals ads platform. This Craigslist Decision meant that the website decided to remove or censor certain content, after the Sex Trafficking Act Bill was passed by US congress.

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DoubleList personals is the new dating site that allows you to find hookups and casual encounters in your town. DoubleList is the most visited dating personals site after Craiglist decided to shutdown their legendary personals ads dating site, where consenting adults can post ads to meet each other.

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The discussions are relaxed and without taboos. You can chat live if your contact is connected, you can exchange messages, and use the webcam chat system for eye contact and exchanges sometimes more spicy.

Doublelist is an adult personals ads site. Became well known recently and can be considered the number one place to post ads for hookups and local dating, the site has a big number tens of thousands ads posted daily by people seeking encounters with other consenting adults.

But what is it really about is to help you meet new interesting people from your city. We were not surprised to see that the results show the most populated cities in America as the top 5 most traffic generators to Doublelist. These cities have a large user base of the personals ads site. The US site Craigslist announced that it has closed its online dating section to avoid being potentially held responsible for sex trafficking after a congressional vote on a bill reinforces the concerns of civil liberties advocates on the web.

The text was voted on this week by Congress and must still be promulgated by Donald Trump. In a statement, the classifieds site justified this decision by its concerns related to this new law that could expose websites to civil and criminal liability for the contents of a third person.