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Tous les résultats sont des montants estimatifs et peuvent varier selon des facteurs externes comme le trafic et le climat. Les montants estimatifs des tarifs de TaxiFareFinder sont connus pour être les plus précis de tout site Web de taxis. Découvrez pourquoi. Votre dernier montant estimatif de tarifs avait une erreur. Veuillez essayer de nouveau. Contester un montant estimatif de tarif.

Votre estimé. Notre montant estimatif incluant le pourboire. Information sur le tarif Information sur le trajet. Analyse approximative. With per-capita costs essentially fixed, the town is forced to hike rates and cap trips as adoption grows. But this can create a perverse incentive: Fare bumps and ridership drops tend to go hand-in-hand on traditional systems.

Cities are changing fast. Keep up with the CityLab Daily newsletter. The best way to follow issues you care about. Subscribe Loading The trip cap in particular bothers Hudson, who continues to rely on the Uber service as her primary mode of transportation. Hudson emailed town officials to fm cosmetics anti cellulite cream liner about the new trip limit.

In an email to CityLab, Orsatti explained her intentions. And Pentikainen acknowledged that, while the rate structure might work differently from traditional transit, Uber still makes more sense for Innisfil. But he did note that the cap was partly designed to discourage short-distance trips that can be accomplished on foot or bike for most people.

According to an Uber spokesperson, the ride-hailing company also advised the city to implement the cap as a way to control costs. Uber has touted the success of the Innisfil program as it invites other cities to adopt its model. Part of the attraction is that ridership is sinking on public transit systems across North America, as on-demand transportation apps has boomed.

City decision-makers sometimes opt for Lyft and Uber as a way to lure travelers back, or to cut costs on low-performing routes. In other cases, the rise of ride-hailing is used as a bad-faith justification for further slashing bus service.

Many programs have seen weak ridership, and cities can find themselves hamstrung in their ability to make adjustments, since ride-hailing companies are famously guarded about sharing trip data. Now that both Uber and Lyft have filed initial public offerings, industry analysts predict that the costs of these services—which have been heavily subsidized by their billions in venture capital backing—will creep steadily upwards as public investors expect returns.

In Innisfil, Uber fares have held steady, according to Pentikainen. And the company has shared certain data upon request. As the city grows and ride-hailing services evolve, it will continue to evaluate the best way to mobilize its residents, Pentikainen said.

Similar to the microtransit startup Via and its failed predecessors Chariot and Bridj, riders are scooped up in larger vans at designated locations on a schedule that is determined based on demand.

And if Uber ever raised fares to the point where riders could no longer rationalize the costs, the city would go back to the drawing board. In some parts of town, Pentikainen said, they might even consider a regular fixed-route bus.

We have to react along the way. If Innisfil makes further tweaks, Hudson says she might consider getting her license in order to avoid the stress. Et les réfugiés et nouveaux arrivants dans cette province vont en faire les frais.

Video of the conference given by Dr. Ahmed Abbes. Tarek Loubani. Depuis la Grande Marche du retour voir encadréce qui était un désastre à développement lent est devenu une catastrophe manifeste et actuelle. Le blocus a éliminé la capacité du système de santé à gérer les besoins quotidiens en soins longtemps avant le début de la Marche. Il empêche le personnel de santé palestinien de voyager librement pour se former ailleurs et le personnel de santé international, comme moi, de voyager librement pour fournir des soins et des formations dans Gaza.

Levitt says he was targeted because of his involvement in a long-running legal battle between two Canadian private equity firms, Catalyst Capital and West Face Capital.

Black Cube has previously acknowledged doing work on the Catalyst case, which centers on allegations of stock market manipulation. Levitt declined to comment for this article, but in his page filing he said the photograph published by AP bore a powerful resemblance to a man he knew as Victor Petrov.

Israel mafia. They say a comprehensive DNA database could be used to chase down any Uighurs who resist conforming to the campaign. Police forces in the United States and elsewhere use genetic material from family members to find suspects and solve crimes.

For comparison with Uighur DNA, they also relied on genetic material from people around the world that was provided by Kenneth Kidd, a prominent Yale University geneticist. On Wednesday, Thermo Fisher said it would no longer sell its equipment in Xinjiang, the part of China where the campaign to track Uighurs is mostly taking place. The company said separately in an earlier statement to The New York Times that it was working with American officials to figure out how its technology was being used.

Kidd said he had been unaware of how his material and know-how were being used. He said he believed Chinese scientists were acting within scientific norms that require informed consent by DNA donors. The campaign relies in part on public DNA databases and commercial technology, much of it made or managed in the United States. In turn, Chinese scientists have contributed Uighur DNA samples to a global database, potentially violating scientific norms of consent. Un monde où on respecte Dieu, un monde sans luxure, sans péché.

Ce garçon est mon meilleur. Il croit en Dieu et est presque complètement assimilé. Le retourner dans son ancien monde serait une grossière erreur. Vingt-cinq ans plus tard, Thomas Laurin, un frère défroqué hanté par son passé et son silence, se décide à révéler ce dont il a été témoin.

Et ça, on ne peut guère le lui reprocher. Je ne savais pas quoi dire, quoi faire. Très triste. New report exposes global reach of powerful governments who equip, finance and train other countries to spy on their populations. The report warns that rather than increasing security, this is entrenching authoritarianism. This is resulting in entrenched authoritarianism, further facilitation of abuse against people, and diversion of resources from long-term development programmes.

Examples provided include how these agencies have provided communications intercept and other surveillance technology, how they fund wiretapping programmes, and how they train foreign spy agencies in surveillance techniques around the world. The EU and individual European countries are sponsoring surveillance globally. The EU is already spending billions developing border control and surveillance capabilities in foreign countries to deter migration to Europe.

The EU is now looking to massively increase its expenditure aimed at building border control and surveillance capabilities globally under the forthcoming Multiannual Financial Framework, which will determine its budget for — Other EU projects include developing the surveillance capabilities of security agencies in Tunisia, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Iraq and elsewhere. Chinese companies have reportedly supplied surveillance capabilities to Bolivia, Venezuela, and Ecuador [3].

The breadth of institutions, countries, agencies, and arms companies that are involved shows how there is no real long-term policy or strategic thinking driving any of this. This is what communities need for safety, security, and prosperity. This only serves the interests of those powerful, wealthy countries. The Chinese authorities turned to a Massachusetts company and a prominent Yale researcher as they built an enormous system of surveillance and control.

They drew blood from the year-old Muslim, scanned his face, recorded his voice and took his fingerprints. Imin said. Imin was one of millions of people caught up in a vast Chinese campaign of surveillance and oppression. To give it teeth, the Chinese authorities are collecting DNA — and they got unlikely corporate and academic help from the United States to do it.

The authorities collected DNA samples, images of irises and other personal data, according to Uighurs and human rights groups. It is unclear whether some residents participated more than once — Xinjiang has a population of about In a statement, the Xinjiang government denied that it collects DNA samples as part of the free medical checkups. China has for decades maintained an iron grip in Xinjiang. In recent years, it has blamed Uighurs for a series of terrorist attacks in Xinjiang and elsewhere in China, including a incident in which a driver struck two people in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

In latethe Communist Party embarked on a campaign to turn the Uighurs and other largely Muslim minority groups into loyal supporters. The government locked up hundreds of thousands of them in what it called job training camps, touted as a way to escape poverty, backwardness and radical Islam.

It also began to take DNA samples. To mobilize Uighurs for the free medical checkups, police and local cadres called or sent them text messages, telling them the checkups were required, according to Uighurs interviewed by The Times. Kenneth Kidd first visited China in and remained curious about the country. So when he received an invitation in for an expenses-paid trip to visit Beijing, he said yes.

Kidd is a major figure in the genetics field. His Chinese hosts had their own background in law enforcement. During that trip, Dr. The relationship deepened. In DecemberDr. Li arrived at Dr. She took some DNA samples back to China. Kidd is not the only prominent foreign geneticist to have worked with the Chinese authorities. Carlton said in the statement.

Angel's space was clean, cozy and full of charm. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and highly recommended Angel and her home. Angel was a wonderful host! The room and house was exactly as pictured, very cozy and warm with the perfect southern comfort vibes. The chickens outside are so cute!

There are some cute restaurants and shops walking distance, and downtown is about a 30 min walk. We didn't spend much time at home and mostly took Lyft everywhere lucky us, right before Lyft was banned in Austinbut whenever we were home we felt comfortable and had everything we needed. We had a great time staying with Angel! Awesome house, very close to cool bars and food, all in all very comfortable. Would definitely do it again!

Great location, very safe and private. The hosts are excellent at communicating and were very accommodating. The trip we took was so easy thanks to this place. We thought it was a great value for the price, not to mention it was sparkling clean.

Jason was an excellent host and provided swift and thorough information when I needed it. The location is excellent and the space is extremely cozy and beautifully renovated. Will definitely stay at this location the next time I am in Austin.

Jason made the entry and exit process easy. James was nothing but accommodating during my stay. Excellent communication, the trailer was as advertised -- clean, stocked, comfortable. I'll definitely keep this place in mind the next time I'm in Austin. The Spartan is perfect for a short stay; it has everything you'd need for such a small space, and it's got a lot of style!

Downtown Austin is less than ten minutes away, which is perfect if you're visiting the city for the first time. Great location and fun place. Lots of restaurants nearby and the football stadium is within walking distance.

It was a bit to grungy for me, the room had a foul odor of armpits. There are no simple toiletries available like any other simple Airbnb would provide. I would only stay here if you plan to be mostly out of the hostel and need a place to crash. If you want to do stuff around the University. Close to all the main shops on the road. The staff are friendly and helpful and add little extra touches Was awesome.

The dorm I stayed in the people were respectful and neat. Overall great experience. This place is absolutely amazing! I live in Austin for half of the week for work and am very pleased that I found this place, so much so that I booked like a month worth of stays in advance! The staff is great and you also get to meet lots of very interesting and outgoing people from all over the world. Great place, great people, international guests, located in the middle of the city around transportation.

The building is made of art. Enjoyed our stay. Really cute solarium po botoxie trailer. The space was well utilized for it's size. Very well decorated without being cluttered. Great place for visiting Austin. Just big enough, easily accessible, and on a nice, quiet piece of land. This place was amazing! I stayed there a month while I was on a work project on Austin. The place was so clean and was very trendy and cozy.

Roland is an amazing host and very responsive, he will get you whatever you need. Plus it's amazing value, definitely recommend it to anyone coming through Austin. Great little trendy trailer!

Rideshare tx 8000

Close to everything we needed, and a fully loaded house with things we dental caries prevention pdf. Highly recommend. This trailer was a great place to stay during our trip to Austin. The modern decoration and thoughtful amenities made it cozy and comfortable for our group. It was really helpful to have a full kitchen and spacious bathroom for a group of 4. It was convenient to plan our day and get ready without being on top of each other like you might in a typical hotel.

We took Ubers wherever we needed to go in the city, and all the local spots like Rainey Street and South Congress etc were only 15 minutes or so from the trailer. We really enjoyed our trip. Roland's place was awesome! Would stay here again if I ever ended up back in Austin. Lots of privacy, great outdoor patio area, and everything in the house was new and working. Nous sommes désolés, mais certaines parties du site web Airbnb ne fonctionnent pas correctement sans l'activation de JavaScript.

Trouver des logements à Austin sur Airbnb. Découvrez des logements entiers et des chambres privées, parfaitement adaptés à tout type de voyage. United States. Locations de vacances à Austin. Hébergements dans Austin. Our beautiful, minimalist Tiny House is a comfortable home base for tourists and business travelers.

The Tiny House is also connected to 1GB fiber internet for business travelers and streaming video. We also have complimentary bikes and if you are a Tesla fan free EV charging. The Kanga Tiny House comfortably sleeps two people, sharing a queen bed.

If you are traveling with a third person, or simply need extra sleeping space, we have a twin-sized air mattress available for you to borrow, or a pac'n'play for a little one. Please ask for this in your reservation request if you need it.

Floor space is limited, so we may rearrange furniture to comfortably accommodate your group. Check-in time is 3pm or later. Access is through a keyless lock for which you'll be provided a code prior to approval, so late night check-ins are not a problem.

Check-out time is 12pm. In cases of Instant Books, we'll submit a request for pet fee payment through the Airbnb system. Guests must keep their dogs supervised at all times when in the yard, leashed when outside the yard, and must pick up after them.

We are: - 15 minutes 6. If you enjoy exploring on foot, or alternative transit options like bikes and buses, this is a good spot for you. You'll be just one block away from Cesar Chavez St, a major thoroughfare that goes into downtown, where there's an eclectic mix of dining, drinking, retail, services, gas stations, and single family homes.

We're only a few short blocks from the Lady Bird Lake trail and head over Longhorn Dam, which pops you out onto a hiking, biking, and running loop that is several miles long.

The boardwalk over the lake provides great views of downtown. There are plenty of things in walking distance, and we recommend looking at our Guidebook for more details. There are many more options for dining and services. If you prefer to drive to any of these you'll get there in less than 5 minutes.

We are avid travelers ourselves, and love staying with AirBnB hosts any chance we get. We want to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, and are completely open to frank feedback on how to improve your time in the Kanga Tiny House. The guesthouse is in the gentrifying East Side neighborhood. It's a wonderful, artsy, quirky place in the heart of the East Side entertainment district.

There are countless restauraunts, food trucks, bars, and even four breweries within walking distance. Lady Bird Lake and the hike and bike trail are just a couple blocks away. The Convention Center is minutes away and all of downtown is easily accessible by e-scooter, e-bike, and rideshare.

We are just 10 minutes from the airport. Charmante petite maison. Endroit intime. Déplacements faciles en autobus. Nathalie TZ Very cute Kanga! Very nice value would definitely stay again, Lou Anne TZ We loved our stay at the tiny house! Elena TZ Everything was exactly as described by Anna and communication with her was a breeze.

Blake TZ We had an awesome stay, the neighborhood is a lil sketchy but had no problems Herman TZ We absolutely loved our stay at the Kanga. Anna TZ. Tiny House in the Heart of the East Side. Remember the Alamo, thanks to the flag which offsets the cowhide coverings in the Texas-size lounge. There are leather European love seats too, while Pottery Barn bed sets, West Elm linens, and one of a kind gun barrel night stands are bedroom highlights inside the square foot Texas cottage. We are in the center of the most popular and most visited neighborhood in Austin!

We had no idea how close we were to everything when we booked it! The wifey was obsessed with how it was furnished and decorated. Thanks for your hospitality! Come Stay With Us. We are Local Austin. We are an airbnb Superhost. Look for the badge on our listing! What to expect. Superhosts go above and beyond in their commitment to hospitality, whether it's picking guests up from the airport or stocking the fridge with yummy local yogurt. They're welcoming faces that know the ins and outs of their city, and provide local recommendations and insights that deepen the travel experience for every guest.

People want to stay with them, and other hosts strive to be like them. Original Austin Bungalow located in the heart of SoCo. No Need for a car, Walk or bike everywhere!. Sleeps 2 or 3. Cozy 1 Bedroom 1 Bath Full Kitchen sq. Full bath with ball and claw antique stand up tub or bubble bath. Cow hide lounge chairs in the living room 42 inch flat screen Tv.

Ikea European square sink. Texas Tin barn finish in the bathroom. Energy rated European Toilet. Nest Thermostat. Record Player. Make sure to inquire if you are interested. Plenty of room to roam outdoors. We treat our guests as if they are family. Enjoy the lake which is just a two minute drive away. Boat rentals bat tours dinner cruises are minutes away!!

Plenty of onsite parking. Fifth Generation Young Native Texan. Well Traveled. Providing you a unique place to stay in in the heart of Quaint Property on Bouldin Creek. One of only a few houses located on the creek under century old majestic live oak trees.

It's only a mile to the State Capital downtown attractions and the river hike and bike trail. This historic neighborhood is filled with Austin's favorite restaurants and iconic bars and music venues full of cultur and history. Scott TZ Chris went above and beyond to ensure that we were acclimated with not only the house, but Austin as a city. Breanne TZ What an outstanding place? Carson TZ This place is amazing. Elizabeth TZ Chris was a true professional and very accommodating host.

Bruno TZ The house was just as pictured, it is in a great part of town sandwiched between South Congress and South First. Travis TZ We were well greeted and shown around by our host.

Blake TZ I loved staying at this Aribnb! Nastassja TZ. Beautiful flat that comfortably sleeps up to four and is conveniently situated in Austin's centrally located and hip Hyde Park neighborhood and very close to the University of Texas, perfect for UT Football games. Featuring bamboo floors, a full kitchenette with double burner, micro-wave, dishes, cookware and cooking utensilscolorful furniture and lots of natural light, its the antidote to the impersonal and tired big box hotel experience.

The apartment is on the same premise as the owner's home, but separate from the main house. So, they are close by if assistance is needed, but the apartment maintains plenty of privacy. It includes one full bed with a comfortable futon couch that folds out for two additional sleeping spots, and a dining table with place settings for up to four people.

It also features one full bathroom with shower, and plenty of clean towels and linens provided. Close street parking. For longer term rentals, covered parking is a possibility. Further, given the apartment's central location, its an easy trip to downtown's eclectic, and sometimes wild, live music, entertainment, and shopping districts. The attentive property owners, Simone and Drew, live on-site with their son, and two dogs Jordan and Lili. So, you might enjoy fresh eggs. In short, if you're up to an easy going and authentic Austin experience for a few days longer term rentals may be consideredthis might prove a great choice.

We're looking forward to hosting you! Potential for garage parking for longer terms guests. Walking distance to many local restaurants. Weekly and Monthly rates are discounted. Cristina TZ A rare "better-than-the-pictures" location. Would revisit for sure. Danny TZ Excellent place to stay if you are visiting Austin.

Jonathan TZ I stayed here for three nights on a biz trip and I enjoyed my stay in this cute studio apartment. Kathleen TZ The place was great! Patrick TZ Drew's place was great and well stocked with everything we needed for a long weekend in Austin!

Stephanie TZ. Hyde Park Flat - Bamboo Floors. Step up the crafted wooden outdoor staircase and into a home full of vintage character and charm. Our little loft is nestled up in the trees for a private and relaxing stay. Unwinding after an adventurous day around town or staycation it up.

The studio is located in a quiet neighborhood with great restaurants, shops and grocery stores within walking distance. It is just far enough to escape the noise of downtown and close enough to enjoy all Austin has to offer in a matter of minutes. Emilie TZ This apartment is very comfortable. Shelly TZ Zoe's place is very well designed and maintained. Tejaswini TZ Great intimate space. Perfect for two people! Jessi TZ Super clean, great communication, beautiful home! Hilary TZ The loft was very clean and located in a nice quiet neighborhood!

We loved our stay : Autumn TZ Extremely clean and thoughtful space! Jason TZ. Charming and Unique s Loft. Private Garage apartment!! We are 6 miles from downtown. Small, private garage apartment in family home in quiet neighborhood, close to bus routes. Walking distance to really nice neighborhood park, public golf course, and library, very close to McKinney Falls State Park. We have several exterior cameras for added security during your stay. If you need access to the footage please let us know.

There are, of course, absolutely no interior cameras! Our neighborhood is mostly quiet families. We are walking distance to a food truck Mexican foodgas station, Sonic, Church's, and Family Dollar. Mary TZ La maisonnette de Tiffany est fonctionnelle et sympathiqueils ont su répondre à nos besoins. Diane TZ Staying here was great! Cynthia-Rik TZ Nice place to stay, especially for a family.

Adrienne TZ I could live here! Sandra TZ This was a great place to stay in Austin! Nadia TZ The house is clean. Amber TZ Great place. Very private and comfortable Chris TZ. Private Apt! Awesome location right in the best part of South Lamar! Barton Springs Pool and Zilker Park are only 1 mile away with all of the awesome festivals!

Barton Springs Pool and Zilker Park are only 1 mile away, which means you're super close to everything! It's recently been redecorated. The apartment fits 6 people comfortably with 2 in the king bed, 2 in the queen bed, and 2 on the comfy sleeper sofa. Appartement confortable, bien équipé, bien situé.

Au calme. A recommander Caroline TZ Great location close to a lot of the south Austin foods spots and attractions! Lisa TZ. Saul TZ This apartment is well located and functional.

Jillian TZ Enjoyed our trip Brenda TZ The apartment is perfect and very clean and close to everything. David TZ Amazing location. Rachel TZ Ames's place was a perfect base for a girls weekend in Austin. Megan TZ. This space was designed and heavily inspired by El Cosmico in Marfa.

Modern shipping container tiny house with loft. EAST side! We are in love with it and know that you will be too! Shipping container tiny house private spaces include: loft, sitting area, kitchen, walk in shower and toilet.

You will also have access to the back yard and decked areas. There is a modern main house on the front of the property. There is another modern tiny house on the property that may occasionally be rented by other folks.

In this case, the deck space and back yard may be shared. Shipping container builder, Kountry Containers. Living room flooring will be Manhattan Maple. Accent walls will feature edge grain yellow pine and barn door is beetle kill pine from Delta Millworks, windows from Pella of Austin. Outdoor lighting by Mueller High Life. Room darkening shades by 3 Day Blinds.

Alexis TZ We loved staying in the container home! Jessica TZ The shipping container is adorable and really well done. Alese TZ Such an amazing experience, we will be back for sure! Saul TZ The location is good and in close driving proximity to a lot of things, but not really walkable. Kathryn TZ Highly recommend this spot.

Luke TZ Absolutely loved this tiny house! Super cute and clean, very cozy. Would definitely stay again! Madysen TZ Such a great spot. Lynn TZ. This is a great location in famous Hyde Park to start your Austin adventure! This studio apartment has an excellent central Austin location! The apartment fits 4 people comfortably with 2 in the queen bed and 2 on the comfy sleeper sofa.

The Hyde Park neighborhood is a well-known residential and historic district in central Austin. The apartment is nice and quiet. Dave TZ The communication with the owner was excellent! Great location and very generous host. Daniel TZ Wonderful place to stay. Jean TZ Speedy communication!!!! Cute, clean place in a great neighborhood! Monique TZ Great location! Even better experience.

Chris TZ. Happy in the Heart of Hyde Park. Tout afficher. Tour Austin's Best Street Art. Meditation Walk through Sculpture Garden. Yoga sur un toit-terrasse et cocktails mimosa. Circuit personnalisé bières et tacos. Peinture avec des artistes de rue à Austin. Walk que provoca el caries dental 's Austin as an Axe Murderer.

Photos Under the Austin Skyline. Dégustation de vin et menu du chef 3 plats. Austin's Black History Walk. Atelier poterie avec une artiste. Peinture fluide et création artistique! Logements populaires.

Kick back on the plush day bed under the canvas shade at this deluxe, contemporary hideaway in coveted Travis Heights. Take a cooling afternoon dip in the pool surrounded by tropical plants, limestone, Brazilian decking, and mature landscaping. Why choose the Hideaway? Premier location, High end design delights, tranquil and private resort like setting, heated outdoor swimming pool and waterfall, tropical landscaping and luxury amenities!

Premier Location! Enjoy a tranquil resort like vacation in luxury accommodations of over feet with panoramic views of travis heights. The generously proportioned space includes two bedrooms, a large living room, spacious bathroom and a breakfast bar.

Note that that Hideaway does not have a full kitchen. At The Hideaway, you are surrounded by a carefully curated mix of bespoke antique, modern and custom furnishings and eclectic art work. The Hideaway provides a compound like experience featuring a lovely heated salt water swimming pool surrounded by tropical plants, limestone, Brazilian decking and mature landscaping.

Luxury amenities including bedding linens from Frette and Restoration Hardware, furnishings from internationally known furniture designers including Montauk and Shine SHO. Details, Details, Details! The Hideaway interior was created by the owner who is a design enthusiast, combining a bold sense of color, luxurious use of textures and an eye for detail. The owner is a successful Airbnb host with over five star reviews and a Airbnb SuperHost level status, ensuring you will have a high quality vacation experience.

Maximum occupancy is two guests. Visitors are not permitted. People other than those in the paid reserved Guest party may not stay overnight in the property.

The Pool, Patio and Home are for the use of reserved guests only. Outdoor patio and pool use hours are 7am - 10pm. The Hideaway offers a unique sense of privacy, so no gatherings are permitted after 10pm.

No pets allowed. Located in coveted Travis Heights, it is only a short walk to the shops and restaurants on South Congress, Stacey Park, and beautiful, wooded walking and bike trails. Brent TZ What a wonderful time we had!

Lance TZ Fantastic private getaway to Austin. Brant TZ As far as I'm concerned, this is the best possible place to stay while in Austin. Tara TZ Very gracious host. Beautiful place and close to downtown and UT. Jessica TZ. This is a nice, secluded property in the Clarksville neighborhood.

There is a queen size bed as well as a pull-out sleeper sofa. Additional parking available in surrounding neighborhood but requires walking. This is a first floor studio in the über popular Clarksville neighborhood. The unit is fully stocked with everything you'll need for a great stay! There is a queen size bed as well as a comfy pull-out sleeper sofa. The kitchen is fully stocked with cookware and dishes. One free on-site parking spot available.

If additional parking is needed, there is street parking in the surrounding neighborhood, but requires walking.

The neighborhood is known as Clarksville. Its known for its beautiful architecture and older mature trees and landscapes. You are very close to downtown but it also had the feel of a well established residential area. There are lots of nice restaurants, markets, and coffee shops close by.

A stroll through the adjacent neighborhoods will give you a glimpse into a nice residential neighborhood in Austin. Bailey TZ Good value, great location.

Would recommend. Ed TZ Great space. Bob TZ The property was clean and the location convenient to a bus line downtown. Roger TZ Simple studio apartment. Ben TZ -it was conveniently located, but a car is useful to move around. Quiet Captivating Clarksville Studio. Lofted craftsman cottage in the heart of central east Austin. Located less than a mile from UT and 1. The cottage has an open and comfortable vibe with natural light against the custom woodwork and vaulted pine ceilings.

Completely renovated, open and modern cottage with loft in central east, atx. The cottage has been restored over the past couple of years and is essentially a new house on the inside. The interior has a vaulted tongue and groove pine ceiling with a loft, hardwood floors, tiled bathroom, and relaxed open atmosphere. Cottage is centrally located less than a mile from ut and the state capitol and 1.

The MLK commuter rail train station is directly across the street from the house and is one stop from downtown. Bennu the local 24 hour coffee shop is a couple of blocks away, as are restaurants, bars, etc. Check out my guide for restaurants and such in the area.

Super comfy queen size bed with thread count linens, lots of comfortable pillows, and fresh towels in the bathroom. The house has a ton of windows and can be bright and sunny with the blinds open letting in the natural light, or cozy and dark with the blinds closed and lights dimmed against the interior woodwork.