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Lyft was fun to work with at first. Riders can be dirty and can puke in your car, Lyft doesn't cover out of pocket cost for driving. It is nice to make your own hours. Although you have the benefit of working for yourself and making your own hours, the level of pay provided does not support the wear and tear of the vehicle as well as the maintenance of the vehicle. It became extremely stressful to pay bills and provide for myself as well as maintain my vehicle.

Work your own hours, make your own dress code, vacations when you want. Unstable and low earnings. Great and unlimited competition among drivers. Few orders. More than half of the earnings go to expenses and deduction Lyft commission. Not a glamorous job. Make no mistake, this job no longer qualifies as making a quick buck. It's work, and depending on how you like to view the definition of rewards, some days it's rewarding, and some days it isn't. If you want to cash in on surge pricing you will either need to work early in the morning likeor during the night on the weekends.

Even then, rideshares are now so saturated, you're not guaranteed to make a massive profit. Know how to work the system. If you want to drive for Lyft and make money only drive during busy times. I think the company could give better training on how maximize your dollar and where are the best place to get rides.

Lyft Driving Experience. If you like people Working for Lyft has been awesome but it's pretty inconsistent. Knowing when to drive to make the best money is the key.

I suggest it for anyone with a job just looking to make a little extra cash. Lyft has a spectacular business model and they seem to take care of their drivers. No gas stipend or rewards program, no one to directly call when you need assistance. Its a good job to have as a second source of income and a great way to meet new people.

Express Drive. Unless you are strapped for money, i wouldnt dont. You have to pull out your own taxes, to make any money you have to work long hours, not your normal long hours either, you have to put in gas which is tax except. If someone rates you badly because they dont like you or they are having a bad day.

They can deactivate your account. People can be real pains and if your not super nice, they can rate you badly.

All i ever did was work, sleep, and eat to make 75 rides here in Orlando. I hated it. They never really gave me back my full deposit and i had to fight over what i did get back because they made an error on lyft and hertz part.

Not enough money. Out of my last 15 rides I have received zero tips my rating keeps going up my customers are happy but because they don't have to tip most of them won't and the last tip I got was for 1 dollar I will sometimes have to drive 10 plus mins to get to someone drive them 5 mins away so I get like 4 dollars when I first started there were lots of bonuses but at soon as scool started back up the prices went down and bonuses went away all together this should strictly only be used during the summer today I put in 5 hours of work for 30 dollars plus I spent 20 in gas so I walked away with 10 whole dollars and I have a very good fuel efficient car.

Great time. If you want full freedom on a job this is the place to work. I worked here while i build my website company. Précédent 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Suivant. Evaluer cette entreprise. Page attribuée Evaluer cette entreprise. Vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur le travail dans cette entreprise? Poser une question. Auto-Pilot does not make a Tesla autonomous. Like all Autopilot features, the driver is still responsible for the car at all times. Use Auto-Pilot only if you will pay attention to the road, keep your hands on the steering wheel, and be prepared to take over at any time.

Hôte commercial. Ce véhicule appartient à un hôte commercial agence de location de voitures indépendante. Classe affaires. Transmission automatique. Audio input. All-wheel drive. USB input. Heated seats. Long Range Battery. Free Super Charging. Leather Seats. Extras 4. Ajoutez des Extras à votre voyage à la finalisation de la transaction. Prepaid EV recharge Save time by adding this Extra, which allows you to return the car without fully recharging. One-way trip One-way delivery or pickup to or from PDX or a location within 10 miles of Post-trip cleaning Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip.

Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.

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Informations sur le stationnement. At time our lot can get overly full. Please ask in advance about leaving a car. GPS sometimes doesn't take you to the entrance. It is not on Cully St. Lignes directrices. No Pets or smoking of any kind a fee will be charged for any odor related damages caused to the car. Proof of insurance is required. Please upload a copy of your insurance to your reservation. Are there any fees for supercharging or other types of charge?

Idle Fee In consideration of others who need to use a Supercharger, we ask that you move your vehicle when it is finished charging. To encourage this, you will incur an idle fee for the time your car remains parked in a charging stall after it is finished charging.

We will waive the idle fee if your car is moved within five minutes after it is finished charging, and the idle fee will not accumulate while less than half of the charging stalls at your location are occupied.

All vehicles are subject to idle fees, regardless of when your vehicle was purchased. Idle fees are incurred on a per minute basis. The idle fee rate for each location may change from time to time, and the latest information is provided in the map pin pop-up accessible through the navigation application on your vehicle touchscreen or on a sign at the Supercharger location, and on the Tesla webpage.

T mobile free lyft rides

Neither Ruff Rentals, nor Turo can sell you insurance to cover the car. If you do not have proper insurance or an ability to pay for damage on this car please don't rent it.

It may be worth verifying that your insurance company will cover a Ruff Rentals, LLC rental that is rented through Turo. What happens if I am unable to recharge the battery to where I received it? How does charging work and how much range will I have when I get the car? There may or may not be an included cable. Superchargers are free and have an attached cable. Please note that while you can plug a Tesla into a standard sized outlet at amps you will only get about miles of range per hour.

Please make sure you have a good understanding of how far you are going per charge before agreeing to rent this car. Superchargers can exceed miles of range per hour. Tesla destination chargers typically yield about 30 miles of range per hour. Non-Tesla destination charges If there isn't a nearby accessible destination or supercharger extra planning may be needed. There are 2 more expected in Additionally, there are 3 within about 20 miles. Please note that the City of Portland is aggressive with parking tickets in downtown Portland.

If you receive a ticket during your stay I recommend you pay it. If I receive a notification about a ticket through the court system I will pay it and request reimbursement through Turo.