Amiodarone induced skin pigmentation

Two cases of cutaneous hyperpigmentation have been reported following use of levofloxacin, and the results of histological examination were similar. This is the first case of cutaneous hyperpigmentation induced by meropenem.

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Imipramine-Induced Facial Pigmentation: Case Report and Literature Review

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Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery. Patients who present with facial pigmentation can be a diagnostic challenge. ObjectiveThe goal of this study was to discuss the diagnosis and management of imipramine-induced facial pigmentation. We discuss light and election microscopic findings and review 11 previously reported cases of imipramine-induced skin pigmentation.

Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

Examination showed blue—gray facial pigmentation. Light microscopy showed perivascular pigment granule deposits in the upper dermis that stained positively with Fontana—Masson stain and negatively with Prussian blue stain. Electron microscopy showed electron-dense bodies within histiocytes without clearly identifiable melanin granules, consistent with drug-induced pigmentation.

Six weeks after switching to sertraline the patient reported a slight improvement of her cutaneous pigmentation.

Imipramine is a rare cause of gray—blue facial pigmentation.