Best us army regiments

He was. The enemy was. Night coming on, we held the position we. In this engagement the Second Iowa suffered terribly. Captains Slaymaker and.

Cloutman fell just as they entered the fortification. Cloutman was instantly killed; Slaymaker. In the morning, as day dawned, we were attracted to the inner fortifications by the sound of a. I instantly dispatched Lieutenant-Colonel. Parrott to ascertain the intent of it, who reported that an officer wished to see me. I repaired to. It would afford me much pleasure to particularize the various instances of.

They did all that men could do, and well sustained the. For the kindness, attention, and skill manifested by the surgeons. The total loss in killed and wounded is as follows: Second Regiment Iowa Infantry. Volunteers--Killed, 41; wounded, ; total, Twenty-fifth Regiment Indiana Volunteers Killed, 14; wounded, ; total, Seventh Regiment Iowa Infantry--Killed, 2; wounded, 37.

Fourteenth Regiment Iowa Infantry--Killed, 3; wounded, 23; total, First Regiment. Sharpshooters--Killed, l; wounded, 3; missing, 1; total, 5. Recapitulation--Whole number killed. I herewith append the reports of the colonels of regiments attached to my brigade, to which I. With sentiments of high regard, I remain, respectfully, your obedient servant.

Commanding Second Division. Pittsburg, Tenn. SIR: I present to the major-general commanding the district the following as the report of the. It is well known to me, however, they did gallant service; and as no.

The Second Brigade, commanded by Col. Morgan L. Smith, of the Eighth Missouri, consisting of his own regiment and the Eleventh Indiana, was in. Cavalry Lieutenant Powell --the squadron commanded by the former--belonging to the division.

It is. I take pleasure, therefore, in transmitting with this the report of Lieutenant. Powell Captain F[arrand] being absent on account of ill healthand commending both officers. That part of the division under my immediate orders was organized as follows: The Third.

Brigade, commanded by Col. John Cook, Seventh Illinois, consisted of his own regiment. The Second Battalion. Richardson, and Stone. Arriving on the evening of February 12 at short distance from hca pour maigrir avis outwork. Division on the right with the First McArthur's Brigade in reserve, with a battery in advance on.

Early on the following morning 13th the. The ground. The enemy's. He had an infantry breast-work in front of his. Ignorant of the ground, we had to. As soon as the regiments were measurably in position, orders were. During this time Major Cavender's batteries, by sections or pieces, were posted to the best.

This was handsomely. Our pieces were shifted from time to time, and served with balloon rides in georgia. Our casualties were. The reports of the different commanders, partially confirmed by my. At nightfall the skirmishers were. On the next day 14th the same system of annoyance was kept up, but, under the orders of.

At nightfall the advance parties were recalled. Our casualties on this day were not so numerous as on the day before. The night. During the course of this day I made a personal. Under the orders. On the receipt of the order the artillery was ordered to open heavily and the brigade. The regiment was ordered to rely on the bayonet and. Right gallantly was the duty performed. The left wing of the regiment, under its colonel Tuttlemoved steadily over the open space.

It was. The movement of this regiment was a. The Fifty-second Indiana, ordered to follow and support the Second Iowa, from the nature of. They remained in this position until ordered to reform in the rear. The Twenty-fifth. Indiana, following in order, moved in advance to the support of the Second Iowa, and covered it. As soon as the out-work was taken I sent for a section of Stone's. Meantime the regiments of the Third Cook's Brigade arrived, but as it was. Increasing the artillery on the ground just taken by.

The Ninth and Twelfth Illinois First. Brigade having reported at this time, the latter was thrown forward around the base of the hill. The night very cold, but without. District of West Tennessee, Savannah, Tenn. Smith's report. General Smith died April 25, The train left the landing early on the morning of the 6th with a guard of one corporal and.

Soon after leaving Lieutenant McElrea. He soon discovered a force of about sixty men with two mountain howitzers. When they arrived, twentyseven.

The right of the line fired and dismounted one man. He then advanced with his own guard and train about three. He also learned that this was the same force that captured several ambulances the. He remained last night at Port Gibson and met with no further difficulty.

I consider. Lieutenant McElrea entitled to great credit for bringing his train through safely with so small a. Very respectfully. Colonel, Commanding. Assistant Adjutant-General, Seventh Division. In the Field, near Kingston, Ga. Veteran Infantry in the engagement on Oostenaula River May 15, Our gallant lieutenant-colonel, J.

Parrott, having been quite unwell for several days, and. Orders were received. Rice, commanding First Brigade, about 7 a. River, distant some three miles. When within half a mile of the river I was ordered by Col. Rice, through you, to move by the flank into the field on the right of the road in rear of Company.

H, First Missouri Light Artillery, to deploy the right wing of the regiment as skirmishers, leaving. When they. Shortly after I received orders to bring up the left. While the regiment above mentioned was crossing in boats the pontoon bridge was. Frick's house, about one-fourth of a mile distant, to feel for and engage the enemy, if not in too.

Companies B and F were deployed as skirmishers, under command of Captain. Mahon, to cover the regiment, and moved forward, the regiment conforming to their movements.

When within a short distance of the house the skirmishers' line encountered a large force of the. Here the enthusiasm was intense. About this time I received orders to fall back. Accordingly the line pushed forward until the enemy was routed and the firing in.

The whole line now fell back a little, where it remained till ordered to fall. It affords me great pleasure to say that the conduct of officers and men, with a very few. The following are the names of commissioned officers of the regiment present and absent: Col. Elliott W. James C. Parrott, sick in field hospital; Maj. McMullin, commanding the regiment. Quartermaster C. Trott, present; D. Bowler, acting assistant adjutant-general, First Brigade.

Second Division, on the field; Surg. Everingham, on operating board; Asst. John Ashton. De Heus, detached on General Dodge's staff; Capt. Bennett, present; Capt. Gale, present; Capt.

Montgomery, present; Capt. Conn, present; Capt. Barbour, present; Capt. Samuel Mahon, present; Capt. Warner, absent on leave of absence. Hedges, present; First Lieut. Springer, present; First Lieut. Berkey, present, commanding Company G; First Lieut. Bess, detailed in pioneer corps; First Lieut. Dillin, prisoner of war at. Richmond; First Lieut. Barnes, aide-de-camp to General Lauman; First Lieut. Graham, present; First Lieut. Irwin, detailed in signal corps; First Lieut. Thomas W. Eichelberger, absent, commanding detachment at Tunnel.

Trestle; Second Lieut. Smith, present; Second Lieut. Helmick, present; Second Lieut. John McCormick, present; Second Lieut. Charles J. Sergent, present; Second Lieut. Spence, present. Exceptions: Thomas. Tredick, Company C, fell back demoralized during the fight. Nicholas Gross, Company. D, color guard, cowardly deserted his post. Private William H. Wortman, Company F, behaved.

Private David Yates. Company K, deserted his post and has not since returned.

With these few exceptions officers and. Number engaged: Commissioned officers, 21; enlisted men. Casualties: Killed--enlisted men, 3; wounded commissioned officer and 49 enlisted men. Prisoners captured during the engagement, 23, nine of whom were. Perte de poids proteine en poudre I have the honor to respectfully report the following as the part performed by the One. Corps, Department and Army of the Tennessee, in the great campaign of the Federal forces.

William T. Sherman, from Atlanta to Savannah, Ga. November 15,and in conjunction with the remaining forces of the command moved. From thence forward our operations run as follows: November 16, marched at 7 a. November 17, marched at 1 p. November 18, marched at 7 a.

My regiment was placed upon provost duty in the town. Mills, and bivouacked at 2 a. November 20, marched at 7 a. Macon and Savannah Railroad, crossed the same and encamped between Griswoldville and. Gordon on the railroad, having marched eighteen miles. November 22, the Second Brigade, First. Division, Fifteenth Army Corps, to which my regiment is attached, having been ordered to make. Macon, Ga. The column moved forward on the above-named. Duncan's farm on the left of the railroad, proceeding toward Macon.

We soon drove them from. Fifteenth Army Corps that the object of our reconnaissance was obtained, the command was. Having arrived at the point designated upon Duncan's farm, we formed line of battle covering the. Macon road, with our flanks resting in the timber while our front and center was in the open. The regiments composing the command were assigned positions on the line as follows: On. Having formed line and taken up the position assigned me, I immediately.

In less than an hour after getting into position, as above stated, our skirmishers became. Charles C. Walcutt, commanding Second. I had no sooner done this than from the. Companies I, K, and H, having been placed in the center of the brigade.

Infantry and the Forty-sixth Ohio Volunteer Infantry. These companies I deployed along the. Goldsmith, lieutenant and adjutant, who managed them admirably during the remainder of the. The three companies in the center I placed under the immediate command of Capt. John W. Headington, and he continued to manage them during the remainder of the fight with skill and.

On the right flank my men were much exposed, having no works to shelter. In this engagement, which lasted from 1 o'clock until dark, the enemy made some. Toward evening I received an order from Col. Catterson, Ninety-seventh Indiana. Infantry, who in the meantime had assumed command of the brigade, owing to Brigadier. General Walcutt's having been wounded, to be ready with a heavy skirmish line in my front to.

This movement was accordingly executed, and resulted in the capture of several prisoners, most. We found a considerable number of small-arms, which I had brought in. After the close of the fight and the gathering up of all the. In this engagement I lost 2 men killed and 18 wounded, a list of which is. Prisoners captured represent that the enemy attacked us with fifteen regiments of.

In justice to my men I should state. My officers all behaved. My regiment occupying and holding. The strength of my regiment in this engagement was effective men, armed as. Springfield rifled muskets, caliber. Spencer rifles, caliber. Total November 23, continued our march at 7 a. Gordon, Wilkinson County, Ga.

November 24. Wilkinson County, Ga. November 25, marched at 7 a. November 26, marched at 4 p. Oconee River at 8 p. County, at 11 p. November 27, broke camp at 1 p. November 28, broke camp at 8 a. Emanuel County, Ga. November 29, broke camp at 8 a. November 30, continued our. December 1, broke camp at 6 a. December 2, broke camp at 7 a. December 3, remained in camp.

December 4. December 5, continued to march at 7 a. December G, broke camp at 3 p. December 7, the Third. In obedience to orders received I moved the One hundredth Regiment. County, Ga. December 9, remained in camp. December 10, broke camp at 10 a.

December 11 to 19, moved two miles to the. Here we. Ogeechee road and support the Twelfth Wisconsin Battery, stationed on that road; was relieved. December 20. Headington commanding. Returned to Savannah December 24, having loaded our train, composed of wagons, with.

I also drove into camp head of beefcattle. During the. December The health of the. We foraged largely upon the. On starting from Atlanta November 15 my. Enlisted men present for duty Officers present for duty Aggregate present for duty At the battle of Duncan's farm, November 22, I lost twenty killed and wounded.

December 6 one of my men who was detailed as scout at the headquarters of Maj. Howard, commanding Army of the Tennessee, was killed, leaving the strength of my command. Commissioned officers present for duty Aggregate strength present for duty During the entire campaign I have used the following amount of ammunition:.

Elongated ball cartridges, caliber. Spencer rifle cartridges, caliber. Henry rifle cartridges, caliber. Total 23, I regret to state, however, in connection with this report, that Levi Kennedy, a private of. Brigade, and thus being out from under the healthful moral influences of his company. Save this, there is no exception to the uniform good.

Tendering my thanks to the brigade commander and his entire staff for their uniform. Major, Comdg. One hundredth Regt. Indiana Volunteer Infantry. Catterson, Colonel Ninety-seventh Indiana. Saint Louis, Mo. Richmond, Va. After the capture of Fort McAllister, December 13, supplies in very limited quantities were. Bridge, and a detail of 2, men from the army was immediately set to work to construct a dock.

The channel of the Ogeechee was practicable only for boats. We had very few of that class, and all the boatmen were. On the. The north channel of the river, the main. Admiral Dahlgren, after an examination of them, assured me that it. Orlando Bennett who was employed by the Government. Bennett, who was then down on the Florida coast. He arrived and went to work, and was. Until that time we had to use the south channel, which was much. In this the rebels had left unobstructed a narrow passage for their own use, and through it.

It was necessary to unload all the large vessels by lighters at a distance below the city of. I organized matters by assigning Capt. George B. Butze, assistant. Seely, assistant quartermaster, in.

Howard, One hundred and seventh New York. Infantry, in charge of corrals and surplus animals turned in from the army, and assignment of. Hope, Sixteenth Iowa Infantry, in charge of wagon transportation and. Matteson, One hundred and third Illinois Infantry, in charge of shops. Lambert, Sixty-eighth Ohio Infantry, in charge of railroads. Under these officers the work of the depot proceeded. All the supplies that arrived were landed and distributed; all repairs needed by.

All the unserviceable and. Howard, and from them were made up the depot teams. We captured in the city cars and 8. These were placed in charge of Lieutenant Lambert, who repaired and operated the. Gulf railroad for 5 distance of ten miles from the city, and brought in over the road all the wood.

The object to be accomplished by the quartermaster's department was to. Time was very valuable, for he desired.

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As soon as I learned. General Sherman's army coming to the coast at that place instead of at Savannah, I dispatched a. Pocotaligo on the march northward. There was some delay in the arrival of supplies from the. North, and the amount that could be spared from the depot at Hilton Head was very small. Forage was especially slow in arriving, not being received in sufficient quantities to supply the.

In the meantime they subsisted mainly on rice straw, which was found in. My officers worked with ability and almost unceasingly to hasten the resupply of the army. The want of wagon. Supplies were forwarded to both these points in light-draft steamers up to the last moment before. The principal deficiency was in. A partial supply of that article arrived and was immediately forwarded to the two. The commanding general left Savannah for the army January. Georgetown, Wilmington, and Morehead City, and.

The uncertainty of the. After making this inspection I returned to Savannah on. Such of our supplies at Savannah as had not been. Having a good deal of faith in General Sherman's ability to reach Goldsborough, I.

On the 21st of. Having given instructions to Maj. Charleston or Georgetown, to immediately force supplies to him the means having been left at.

Hilton Head for that purposeI started from Savannah March 4. I touched at Wilmington, placed. I had brought some lumber from Savannah, and immediately. I sent to New York for some carpenters and laborers. The work of enlarging. For depot teams I had to take some which were being landed for the Twenty-third Corps.

The railroad being entirely occupied in forwarding rails and other material used by the. The Twenty-third Corps, which was. On the 23d of March General Sherman arrived at Goldsborough, where the commands of. Generals Schofield and Terry joined his former army, making a force of 95, men, with. General Sherman wrote me on the same day. His letter closed by. There were about sixty cars and four.

Trains were loaded and unloaded at either end of. The numerous detachments arriving marched. I still continued to ship via Hatteras Inlet, sending sail vessels. Army Corps, and the cavalry command, in view of the campaign which it was soon intended to. The transportation then consisted of 3, wagons and ambulances. The railroad from. Wilmington to Goldsborough was completed April 4. The rolling-stock on this road consisted of. Some forage and subsistence were brought to Goldsborough by this.

By the 10th of April, sixteen days from the time the road was finished, and sooner than the. The following is what General. Sherman says in his report dated May Owing to a mistake in the railroad department in sending locomotives and cars of the 5-foot. Wilmington and on his way up to Goldsborough. Yet such judicious use was made of these, and. Colonel Wright and Mr. Van Dyne, that by the 10th of April our men were all reclad, the wagons.

The army occupied Raleigh April 13, and the railroad was finished to that place by the. Additional cars were captured there, giving us cars in all. The army had been re-enforced so that it now numbered.

All were. I relieved such of my depot. Alexandria, assigning other officers in their places, and turned over the general depots in North. Carolina to Col. Boyd, chief quartermaster of Schofield's command. May 3 I started from. Morehead City for City Point, Va. The army arrived at Manchester, Va. My assistants at the depots in North Carolina. Cadwalader, chief depot quartermaster; Lieut.

Tredway, in. Austin, in charge of railroad and water transportation. Matteson, One hundred and third Illinois Infantry, and Lieut. Gear, in charge of wagon transportation and corrals; Lieut. Thirty fifth New Jersey Infantry, in charge of forage; Lieut.

Best us army regiments

Howard, One hundred and. Orner, Fifty-ninth Indiana Infantry. At New Berne, Col. Conklin had general charge; Capt. Kimball and. Hoskins received and forwarded supplies; Capt. Seely received at New Berne. Clarke was in charge. Justin Hodge received and distributed all stores at. Goldsborough, and Capts. Flagg and H. Whetsel received and distributed all stores at. Raleigh during the short time the army was there. I consider all these officers entitled to high. Lists of all property issued by the depot officers at Savannah and.

Morehead City are annexed hereto. I append the journal of Capt. Whittelsey, chief. Annexed also is a statement showing the number of animals and amount of. Fort, has made no report, although directed to do so.

The campaign was such that it was difficult for the army quartermasters to estimate correctly for. The changes of the points of supply were frequent, and the location. This made it necessary at times to call on you for supplies to be.

Our best thanks are due for the uniformly prompt attention. I also feel greatly indebted to you for valuable. I have the honor to remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant. Brevet Brigadier-General and Chief Quartermaster. I regret that I am unable to. A statement is also attached showing the quantity of. Quartermaster-General U. Army, Washington, D. Fort Towson, Choctaw Nation, February 7, Assistant Adjutant-General:. Armstrong Academy, about fifty-five miles northwest from here.

The session was well attended. I gave them a talk by special. Colonel Watie has returned from his raid through the Creek and. Cherokee Nations. Although he was unable to effect as much as he expected on account of the. I wish I had as much.

He is now gathering his command at. Carriage Point, in vicinity of Fort Washita. I inclose a note handed me by Colonel Adair, of the. Second Cherokee Regiment, who had been requested by Colonel Watie to see me on the subject. The move strikes me favorably. Made a little before a move of the rest of the. As to the general move I thought it necessary to make, I refer you to former letters. Roberts, of Bonham, Tex. This move, of course, would be to the left of Watie, and on the.

It is an enterprise that might be productive of good, and undoubtedly. I regard all. I know of but one command. Quantrill and his men would. I inclose a note from Maj.

Vore, quartermaster, Cooper's division, and Creek. The real design of this move is not far from Watie's. Believing it my duty to do everything in my power to encourage these people, who, from the.

So much for the Indian part of my command. I have made the best disposition for the indigent. Indians the circumstances will admit.

What little white force I have, which is scarcely worth. They seem. Desertions are by wholesale, and, judging from my. The elegant example of twentyfive. Morse's regiment a very few days after.

The only regiment of the three in the brigade. I inclose his letter asking to be relieved from duty with the regiment. I know nothing of. Colonel Gurley, only so far as the records disclose the difficulty between himself and Colonel. I can say of Lieutenant-Colonel Battle that the reports of my inspector general and. If Colonel. Gurley returns I see nothing to prevent a re-enactment of the Bankhead and Gurley difficulty in. The chief of ordnance reports a. I think those who yet remain would use them, and I would like.

I never fully appreciated General Scott's remark on being ordered to. Mexico till now. The best regiment I have is in rear on conscript duty, and in addition I have. Denton, where it may take up its abode in the brush. Martin is a good officer--too good to be in. I have frequently asked for him, because I know the necessity of it.

I get no reply. It seems to me that the militia might do this work. Gano's brigade is so greatly reduced always. These things are of too serious moment to admit of delay.

Walker's brigade of Indians cannot be. For the same reason. Watie's cannot be moved. The commissary has succeeded in collecting a valuable quantity of. The force there Bass' remnant of a. De Morse asks to. I have declined, and told him if his ground is not. A retrograde move for any cause across the river would be. Abandon this. They are under no obligations by their treaty to. Once they leave us and they are against us. Brigade after brigade may be. The best place to enter is as good as they the Yankees want.

A Greek. That was. The gathering up of conscripts in Texas is certainly very important; keeping Yankees out of. Texas more so. Hence I again ask, whilst there is time, that Martin's regiment be sent here.

I shall kick hard. I intend to point out my wants in the hope that something may turn up. Give me even a. I know the. Indian character. Despondency with them is followed by despair. I was informed by the. He has sent. Do not understand me as complaining. I see my inevitable fate if I fail to hold this country, and I. I have pictured out my campaign, the. I hope to have means to make it. I know. I think I have a fair. Unless I. I hope, therefore, he will understand that. I am thus urgent from the intense anxiety I have to sustain my position.

I send you the following. Cloud now commands at Fort Smith. Six regiments there, viz, two Kansas--one cavalry. Fourteenthone infantry--one Iowa cavalry Eighteenth [sic. Have been issuing quarter rations for two months; poor beef, hard bread, and no salt. Use the search field below to find particular soldiers. A list of records matching your search term will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

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