Elephant rides for free book

Two elephants from Mudumalai sanctuary and two from Top Slip near Pollachi will be brought to the zoo by the end of the week. Staff at Vandalur zoo are setting up enclosures for the elephants and the route for the rides has been finalised, though the rates are yet to be fixed.

Visitors will be able to spot birds and animals more easily from atop an elephant. Zoo officials are expecting an increase in the number of tourists, specially from the southern districts, as summer vacations have started. The zoo already has four elephants - 9-year-old Vikram, one-and-half-years-old Chellam, one-year-old Abinaya, and two-months-old Sagar.

Elephant rides for free book

A couple of years ago I would have said yes. But then, like many who condemn 'cruel circuses,' I hadn't been to one since childhood. I was brought up to believe that forcing animals to perform tricks is mean and distasteful. But when research for my book Circus Mania! Some things did make me cringe.

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When a horse went down on one knee to "bow" he looked as awkward as I felt watching him. But I was mesmerised by the gentle interaction between trainer Martin Lacey and his five Bengal tigers.

There were no snapping whips or brandished chairs. The effect was similar to a domestic cat owner tapping a table and encouraging his pet to jump onto it in return for a reward.

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The tigers appeared intelligently engaged and it was hard not to believe Lacey's assertion that they enjoy their "organised play" in the way a dog enjoys fetching sticks thrown by its owner. Backstage at Circus MondaoI found camels, zebras and llamas completely comfortable being petted by visitors. As a performer pointed out: "If they were mistreated, they'd shy away from people, wouldn't they?

Each ticket gives access to the workshop terraces, the film and the Heron Tree prototype Branch. Non-stop ticket sale for the same day. Ticket office under the warehouses.

Some rides can be booked online. Non-stop ticket sale and access, immediate entry. Ticket office at the Carrousel des Mondes Marins. Two operating modes according to periods: fairground mode and discovery mode. Visit with ride Access to the gangways and possibility to come on board of one of the elements, on one of the three levels.