Khaleesi rides khal drogo 10

Dany begns to realize that Viserys is ultimately a pathetic bully, and that she herself might not be as worthless as her brother has always claimed. From this day forward, she begins to assert herself more and more.

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Her growing courage pleases Drogo, and they developed a loving relationship. Drogo takes Daenerys east to Vaes Dothrak and presents her to the dosh khaleen. By the time they arrive, Daenerys, now fourteen, is pregnant with Drogo's child. Dany announces that the child will be named Rhaego in honor of her deceased brother Rhaegar. Viserys grows increasingly impatient for the aid he had been promised, and the situation comes to a head when he breaks Dothraki law by drawing a blade in the sacred city, threatening both Daenerys and her unborn child.

Drogo announces that Viserys will have the golden crown he deserves and dumps a pot of molten gold over his head, killing him and making Daenerys the last Targaryen.

Dany watches impassively. This changes, however, when Ser Jorah prevents an assassin from poisoning Daenerys and discovers that Robert Baratheon has placed a price on her head. Enraged, Drogo vows before his khalasar to avenge this insult by conquering Westeros to seat his son on the Iron Throne that his mother's ancestors had once held. During one such raid of a Lhazareen town, Daenerys grows disturbed by the treatment of the defeated and finally gives orders to stop every rape she sees, claiming the victims as her personal slaves and taking them under her protection.

The Dothraki are angered by the khaleesi denying them their traditional right to rape captives, but Daenerys holds her ground, prompting Jorah to comment that she reminds him of Rhaegar. Khal Drogo, delighted by his wife's boldness, supports her decision.

A Lhazareen priestess, Mirri Maz Duur, offers to treat him, and although Drogo's bloodriders reviled the woman as a maegi, Dany feels that she could trust her, as Mirri was one of the women she had rescued.

Jorah explained to Dany that her position as khaleesi is entirely dependent on Drogo, and without him, both she and her unborn son are likely to be killed.

Khaleesi rides khal drogo 10

Desperate, she begs Mirri Maz Duur to save her husband, ignoring the possible consequences of blood magic. During the rite, Dany enters into labor and Ser Jorah carries her into Drogo's tent, where Mirri Maz Duur is in the process of summoning dark spirits. Mirri Maz Duur reveals that this was the true price of the blood magic, and that she felt no gratitude toward Dany, who had "rescued" her only after she had been raped multiple times and seen her community destroyed.

Dany euthanizes Drogo and is abandoned by most of the khalasar, which breaks into rival war-bands. Dany, however, decides to finally take control of her destiny. She orders Mirri Maz Duur bound to Drogo's funeral pyre and places the three dragon eggs around his corpse, then announces to Drogo's remaining followers that she is freeing those who were enslaved, and will lead them all to glory if they chose to follow her.

She offers to Aggo, Jhogo and Rakharo the traditional gifts of a khal to his bloodriders; each refuse, saying that to serve as bloodrider to a woman would shame them, but Daenerys ignores their objections.

Ser Jorah accepts her offer, and she names him the first of her Queensguard. Daenerys then walks unflinchingly into the flames. The resulting magic restores life to the eggs, from which three dragons hatched, the first known for centuries. Daenerys emerges from the fire unharmed. Drogo's former khalasar, now hers more surely than they had ever been Drogo's, kneels in awe. Aggo, Jhogo and Rakharo willingly swear themselves as her bloodriders, and Daenerys becomes the first female Dothraki war-leader, a khaleesi in her own right.

She and the remains of Drogo's khalasar are stranded in a desolate area known as the Red Waste. They dare not turn toward the Dothraki Sea, the cities of Slaver's Bay, or even Lhazar, for the group would have made easy prey for any Dothraki khalasar they encountered. Dany chooses instead to follow a red comet that had appeared in the sky following the hatching of her dragons; although the Dothraki view the comet as a foreboding omen, Dany believes that it heralds her own rise to power.

The comet leads them to an ancient, abandoned city, which Dany names Vaes Tolorro. There they recover from the ravages of the desert while Dany sends scouts in all directions. One scout returns with three emissaries, all prominent citizens from the great city of Qarth: the merchant Xaro Xhoan Daxos, the warlock Pyat Pree, and the mysterious masked Asshai'i Quaithe.

Dany and her people accompany the Qartheen back to their city, where they stay as honored guests in the palatial home of Xaro. She attempts to seek out Qartheen allies who would provide her with aid in conquering Westeros, but it swiftly becomes clear that the merchants of Qarth are only interested in obtaining her dragons. Against the judgment of her friends and counselors, she agrees to visit the House of the Undying, seeking a vision of the warlocks' masters, the Undying Ones.

After receiving instructions from Pyat Pree, Dany drinks cellulite iherb xtend of the evening and entered the building. Inside, Dany beholds a number of strange visions, most apparently signifying past, present and future events in Westeros. Upon finally reaching the chamber of the Undying, Dany hears whispers hailing her as "Mother of Dragons" and prophesying that she will light three fires, ride three mounts, and face three betrayals.

The Undying show Dany several more visions and then attack her, but with Drogon's help she destroys the House of the Undying. With nowhere else to turn, she finally considers the suggestions of the third emissary, Quaithe, who tells her that she must go further east to conquer the west.

There she notices two strangers following her. Thus distracted, she is off her guard when a Sorrowful Man attempts to poison her with a manticore, but one of the strangers intercedes and knocks the manticore aside just in time. The two men introduce themselves as Strong Belwas, a eunuch and former pit fighter, and Arstan Whitebeard, an older Westerosi man serving as Belwas' squire.

They claim to be agents sent by Magister Illyrio with three ships to escort Daenerys and her party back to Pentos. Dany accepts the pair into her service and claim the three ships and their cargo for her own, renaming them Vhagar, Meraxes and Balerion after the three dragons that brought her ancestor Aegon the Conqueror and his sister-wives to Westeros. Dany and her companions thus set sail for Pentos. He also kisses her and professes his love for her.

She is given a slave Missandei as a gift from the Good Masters. Dany accepts, but she then frees Missandei. Dany tells Missandei that she can leave Dany's service whenever she wishes, but Missandei remains close and loyal to Dany.

After taking control of the Unsullied, Dany betrays the Masters by breaking the deal, reclaims Drogon and commands him to use his fires against the Astapori leaders. She then uses the Unsullied to conquer the city. After the fighting, she proclaims all Astapori slaves free, including her Unsullied, giving her the name Breaker of Shackles, or Breaker of Chains.

The Unsullied and many new Freedmen choose to follow her in her future battles. After forming a council to rule Astapor, she sets out for the next great slave city Yunkai. Daenerys parleys with the captains of the companies, hoping to convince them to switch sides. Her arguments convince one of the Stormcrows' commanders, Daario Naharis, to assassinate his colleagues and pledge the company to Daenerys.

To the Second Sons, Daenerys offers a great store of wine as tribute then attacks them in the night while they are drunk and sleeping. With the Stormcrows' betrayal and the Second Sons' drunkenness, Yunkai's slave army is unable to withstand Daenerys's Unsullied. The entire Yunkish army is slain, captured, or put to flight, and Yunkai surrenders a few days later. Arstan Whitebeard slays the Bastard, and finally reveals his true identity as Barristan Selmy, a famous knight of her father's Kingsguard who had served the Usurper Robert Baratheon after the end of the Rebellion.

He claims to have seen the error of his ways and to seeking her out as the true heir to the Seven Kingdoms. Selmy also reveals regime ww avant apres que Jorah Mormont, still Daenerys's trusted right arm, has been sending reports on her actions to the spymaster in King's Landing, Lord Varys, hoping for a pardon from King Robert.

Daenerys feels betrayed by each of them, though both fervently wish to atone for their actions. The mission succeeds and wins the city with minimal blood. Barristan humbly submits to his Queen's judgment and is forgiven. Jorah stubbornly continues to insist that he had done nothing wrong, and Daenerys is forced to banish him from her service, despite her desire to pardon him. Having captured Meereen, Dany turns her eyes toward Westeros.

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Through talks with Barristan about her homeland and its history, however, she learns that there is much she does not know about ruling. Upon hearing that Astapor and Yunkai cannot maintain the peace she had hoped to bring, she resolves to bring order to Slaver's Bay before leaving it behind. By this time, she is close on seventeen years. All speak of dragons, and a beautiful young queen.

A portion of Meereen's former slaving families who call themselves the Sons of the Harpy fight a shadow war with her followers, attacking lone freedmen or Unsullied in the black of night and drawing a harpy nearby with the man's blood.

In Meereen, men traditionally wear their oiled black and red hair in varying shapes in homage to Ghiscari culture. The Meereenese who now serve Dany shave their heads, symbolizing the abandonment of old Meereen to serve the new. These men are known as Shavepates, and are led by Skahaz mo Kandaq, known as the Shavepate.

Another of her Meereenese councilors is the seneschal, Reznak mo Reznak. Three fighting companies were also formed by Daenerys, their members comprised from her freeman. They have been receiving their training in arms from Grey Worm. Daenery's dragons have grown wilder, hunting sheep and livestock. Eventually a petitioner comes to her, presenting the bones of his six-year-old girl daughter "Hazzea", claiming the "winged shadow" had killed her.

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