Midnight riders clash in a rhythm

Retrouvez ici toute la programmation heure par heure de Radio Grenouille sur le dernier mois écoulé! Espace Pro — Partenaires. Supersci Feat. Chatterton - Feu! J la chanson interprétée par son compositeur 02h36 - Qu'est-ce qu'il ya, Hein? Stephan Eicher - Hallelujah! Soweto Vol. Death Proof [ Maverick ] Les fameuses B. Edité par Pilooski pour Dirty. Bongo [ Mr. White - Gentle Woman. Jagdish Konexyon - Kiti Riz 02h51 - Apollo feat. Hocus Pocus - Maxi Hip Hop? Ou Presque [ Polydor ] Sélection de M.

Les Nocturnes du Dimanche 29 janvier 2012

Kah-Lo Choix du choregraphe O. What Is It? Imagine cooking without a cookbook, just with the main flavors you remember of a dish or a quick look at the recipe. Do you like looking for the best dusty vinyls in the tray? Is there anything you look for in specific when digging new music for your sets?

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Now digging is much better and easy then 10 years ago. Basically covers and labels always keep my attention and the conditions of the vinyl as well, especially if you are going to play it in a set! Have to come back to Lyon just as a tourist. I love that city!! And i loved it! Just realized while i was recording Ciquita that my phone was playing this trick on my too and i decided to put it on the track. I was looking for a label and nobody was listening to my demos so i decided to build up a small digital world about Bawrut and Silencio was born.

Bandcamp is the dusty basement of the digital record shops. You are signed under Ransom Note label, what does this label bring to your career? I brought good music with me in the label and they helped me spreading it all around in the best way they could do. Rouleau exercice cellulite give the proper boost to my music!

Mediterranean sea has brought civilizations closer for centuries, and now different conflicts are emerging. Do you think Mediterranean music is able to highlight the wealth of this region as well as combine these influences? During crisis times people forget about the weaker and just look at their own backyards. FR EN. RideTheRhythm Le rendez-vous électronique de RTU rempile pour une nouvelle année de rencontres et de découvertes musicales du monde entier!

Cocido Madrileño ou Osso-Bucco? Étant donné que je suis végétarien, je dirais gazpacho et pizza!! Parles-nous de tes influences from Chicago? Racontes-nous ton passage dans la capitale des Gaules et ta nuit au Groom?

La tracklist de Bawrut pour son mix sur les ondes de RTU :. Disco never died. It just went underground, had a baby and name it house.

Midnight riders clash in a rhythm

Cocido Madrileño or Osso-Bucco? Do you consider yourself more Spanish than Italian? We really enjoyed your mix.