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New Riders of the Purple Sage. Bruce Springsteen. Brian Eno.

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Carly Simon. Gordon Lightfoot. Al Stewart. Paul McCartney. Top albums Voir les Aucun résultat disponible pour cette sélection. Anthology Tommy James. Tous les titres. Trier par:. Ecouter l'extrait. Mirage de Tommy James sur Remembering the Sixties. Reflections [Explicit]. Gotta respect this musicianship though. Metallurgical Fire.

Ÿ by Öxxö Xööx. Creepy, crushing symphonic metal from Öxxö Xööx, pitting sick riffs against eerie keys and organs. Sole Impulse by Vatican. Incendiary metalcore breakdowns bleed into ambient death rattles on the Georgia band's ferocious debut LP. Walk Beyond the Dark by Abigail Williams. The latest from this one-man sludge metal project from Baltimore is discordant, spacious, and as heavy as a full group could ever be.

Explore music. Midnight Rider by Metalian. Enfin un bon groupe avec des vrai mélodie et tout un chanteur. J'aime la vitesse mais pas du garrocher so Bravo les garsKeep it up!! Favorite track: Midnight Rider. True metal! If you Like Judas Priest check these guys out!

DJL68 I have little doubt that come year endthis will be in my top picks for the very, very best. This is pure old-school metal executed to fist-pumping, headbanging, falsetto-worshipping perfection!

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Then crank this up and bang your fool head off! Matt Been waiting on this! Definitely in my top 5 so far. Metalian's heavy metal is some of the best I've ever heard. Arik Grahl. Kevin Frick. Cet homme vous aime, écrite et interprétée au piano par le membre provisoire de la bande temporaire Jake Thorne et libéré comme un B -SIDE le single 'Midnight Ride' de notre album Born Yesterdaydevenu premier 1 hit du groupe.

À ce jour, le groupe refuse de jouer la chanson en direct. Enles Midnight Riders ont finalement obtenu notre reconnaissance longtemps attendue de l'industrie de la musique, remportant le Grammy pour la plupart Pyrotechnie dans un concert unique. High Heels and Brushed Steel Pas dans les magasins!

Pas en ligne! Uniquement disponible en tournée! Shreveport, Louisiana OCT Cornelia, Georgia OCT Griffin, Georgia OCT Gulfport, Mississippi OCT Slocomb, Mississippi OCT Cleweland, Ohio Sing en song Know when you're sleeping and I know when you wake.

Got a shot for your folks and I'm hiding under your bed. Got your cookies, got your milk Got my shotgun trained on the chimney Stole my woman and all I want for Christmas is to kick your ass! All I want for Christmas is to kick your ass! White big gloves, satin suit looking down on me from your sleigh All I wanted was my blue eyed babe but with his sack and his grin he winked and they rolled away Got your cookies, got your milk Got my pit bull chained to the chimney Stole my woman and all I want for Christmas is to kick your ass!

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Got a list, I checked it once. No need to check it twice. All I know is tonight I'm gonna pound ya Take my woman and you're gonna pay the price. Got the ghost of Christmas present You're the ghost of Christmas past Stole my woman and all I want for Christmas is to kick your ass! All I want for Christmas Midnight Ride I'm a bad bad dog with no house or a home, women, whiskey, wheels and the road. Well every lady's crazy when her daddy's not around, gonna drink, dance, party all night She's gonna drink, dance and party all night So keep on rolling keep rolling It's alright it's alright Keep riding keep riding The midnight ride!

Right so fight so Fight so right so Gonna ride gonna ride It's a midnight ride! There's a cowboy who wants to kill me in every single city, 'cause a woman didn't come home at all. If those hombres want to fight, then they know where to find me with a lady in a bathroom stall. Reach for the top, gotta stay on the mountain of this bad that can get much worse.

I made a deal with the devil now he's pulled my number but he'll have to come and get me first. Woman tell him to get me first. Keep rolling keep rolling It's alright it's alright Keep riding keep riding The midnight ride!

One Bad Man Well I'm a half-ton son of a gun with a suitcase full of pistols and money. Come dawn, woman, I'm gone but tonight can be your lifetime honey.

God damn girl. I'm your man girl. I'll get your engine singin'. This sounds good, let me under your hood and we can find out what I'm bringin'. I'm one bad man. One bad man. Well I'm a blood hound heading straight down looking for some women and whiskey. A bar fight to start the night, Then I'm looking for a kitty to frisk me. Nice legs, making me beg, Your mini and your rattlesnake smile.

Well it's late, we go back to your place, I'll rattle your cage for a while. The next mornin', you're still snorin'.

Pick my leathers up off the floor. Rifle through your purse. Got to quench my thirst and I'm headin' straight out your door. Well well, see me in hell. Why don't that surprise me none? Some day I'll be back this way.