Regime switching model electricity markets

Have you forgotten your login? Frédéric Lantz 3 AuthorId : Author. Hide details. Abstract : The urgency of climate change has led several countries to develop renewable energy in order to reduce CO2 emissions, through the means of various subsidies.

In the electricity sector, one drawback of such policies is the negative impact on electricity prices, known as the merit-order effect. This paper aims at assessing how intermittent renewable production depresses electricity prices in Germany, which has experienced a significant increase of its renewable capacity over the last two decades.

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To do so, we use a two-regime Markov switching model, that enables to disentangle the impact of wind and solar generation, depending on the price being high or low. We find as expected that renewable production induces a negative marginal effect, which is stronger in regimes of relatively high prices.

Mathematical Economics Letters, Forthcoming. Yannick Le Pen Chercheur. Marie Bessec Chercheuse. Michel Cruciani Chercheur. Dominique Finon Chercheur.

Velo assistance electrique et perte de poids

Thao Pham Chercheuse. Mauricio Cepeda Chercheur. Patricia Van Horn Florin Chercheuse. Antoine Verrier Chercheur. Alvaro Alcazar Andaluz Chercheur.

Morwenna Guichoux Chercheuse. Anna Creti Chercheuse. Stéphane Goutte Chercheur. Sébastien Phan Chercheur. Yuanjing Li Chercheuse. Cédric Clastres Chercheur. Marie Petitet Chercheuse. Manuel Villavicencio Chercheur.