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Avis des employés pour Driver chez Uber Partner Drivers - États-Unis

Trier par: Pertinence Note Date Langue anglais en premier néerlandais en premier suédois en premier turc en premier Toutes. Not a bad way to supplement income. In college town, I enjoy their energy, however they do not tip.

Business people often tip. Quite a variety of people Avez-vous trouvé cet avis utile? You choose your own hours to work. There are many pluses with Uber such as the Tip feature on the app, there is no cash exchanged but you can get paid immediately after your trip on a prepaid VISA card. Driving for several hours daily can add considerable wear on your car however; Uber does lease vehicles and you can write off many business expenses on your taxes.

You will need to be able to read maps as the app guides you to pick up passengers and drop them off. Overall the company is a great company to work for you have options as to whether you want to drive during daytime or nights. It's money. Not the worst not the best, good money sometimes but hard to be consistent. Some days make tons of money other days you're lucky to cover gas money for the day. Money is good, as long as you calculate where to be and when well.

Beneficial, flexible, anytime, anywhere ,fun. Uber reward hard working drivers. Points positifs. Share Driving. Enjoy working with customers Uber support center is useless I have had a number of issues with their app and their support representatives are helpless. Pour commencer, saisissez les renseignements de votre trajet dans les champs sous la carte.

Avis des employés pour Driver (Independent Contractor) chez Uber

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Avis des employés pour Uber Partner Drivers - États-Unis

Able to accept Rides whenever the App was active on my phone. Once accepted, I would get instructions about where to pick up my ride and any passengers ; drive there and confirm they are the correct people. Confirm to the app that I had picked them correct people up and then get instructions regarding the intended drop off address.

Driving was usually easy and often I would talk to my passengers about there day, their travel plans, etc. I enjoyed this interaction very much. They are great with making ur own schedule and order come in fast so ur in and out the. Door and get paid as soon as orders are dropped off. Own time.

Uber pays very low rate per mile for the drivers. UBER makes almost half from each trip I made. Very fast deterioration on my car. Uber work hard to make drivers make less money: uber pool vs.

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Too many drivers now, harder to make money. Uber was good when I started but way too many drivers now. The pay has been reduced and its harder to make money.

Seattle city and King county rules also affect drivers quality. Excellent way to earn money. I love doing what I do! I meet all kinds of people and usually learn something from each passenger. Great side hustle, but definitely not recommended to rely regime whats to live. Flexible hours which is great when you need money that very day and when situations get difficult but its risky if youll make much money that day or not so I wouldn't rely on it for a main source of income.

Rideshare insurance in nc

They give you the option to pick up drives in the direction you are going. Everyone makes money. Loved it. You work on your own schedule. You can choose to pick up people or just food.