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Given the number of pot holes, my car broke twice in 1 week. This does not include gas, tolls, oil change, and fixing the car.

Drove miles in 1 week with Lyft and Uber. If you are desperate, this is something that helps but there is no future or gain, only loss to you as you will break down your car.

No schedule. The best part about this job is that there is no fix schedule to follow. You can work as many hour as you want, or as less as you wish. But the money you can make from this is not stable. There are good times and bad times. I like to drive. Low pay and long hours. Not compensated enough for using my own car, gas, maintenance and insurance. Typical day is driving for hours on end picking up and dropping off people from all over.

Love it. Uber is a perfect job for college kids or anyone who is trying to make income in they're spare time. It worked great for me since I love to drive and interact with people.

Work your own hours. Pay is equal to minimum wage. It's good if you need quick cash; the app allows for withdrawing your earnings the same day or even after every trip. To maximize earnings start early and leave late, and learn the market areas of your city or town.

Driving allot can be stressful, and no in app tip functionality for customers to tip you. Independent driver. Its okay but if you need benefits then you would need to work a full time job, but if you like talking to people and driving and meeting new people this is the best job for that.

If you work late then the more you risk the fact that people might throw up in your car before you get them home!!! Flexible drive when you want. I enjoy driving for Uber, I meet a lot of different people from all over the world being here in Charleston! I like the flexibility, people from all walks of life use Uber.

You're paid to slowly destroy your car. The only positive aspect of this job is that you can choose when you want to work. What Uber would describe as benefits are bottom of the barrel. You'll have zero contact with any form of management after your hiring unless you have a problem with a customer. They are poorly paying you to slowly destroy your vehicle under the premise that you're making "good" money.

Not good for your car. Taxes are not taken out of fairs. Uber's comission is too much. Meeting new people was excellent and being able to set my own schedule was a plus. Uber is one job you have to over work to make ends meet, the mileage, wear and tear and general expenses you put on your car isn't worth it.

I put close to a hundred thousand miles on my car in less than a few months I saw the trade up value for a Hyundai Elantra drop to pennies.

Replacing the battery, condenser when the AC went out and a full tune up and countless oil changes ran costs into the thousands. We would be able to really shake thinks up in a good way. I will need a LOT of help. This will be a battle to the finish and I need funds and people now.

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Congratulations to the new region representatives! Please join in today! I missed posting this yesterday - -sorry for the delay - - so Uber and Lyft are "legal" now.

The plaintiffs, including Johnson and Stein, sued the CPD, arguing that it essentially ensures that the major parties have a monopoly over presidential elections. Helping women getting elected into office: I am running for city council in Arlington Texas!! I need to buy yard signs, thanks for your support! Aller vers.

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We will chat about goals and what we want to do this next year, have a guest speaker, elect the next leadership team, and spend tim Happy birthday to Tonie Nathan!

While the government is shutdown, Libertarians are organizing park cleanups. If you turned on the news last week, you probably saw images of overflowing trash at national parks during the government shutdown. When a Libertarian Party member in another state suggested that Libertarians organize a trash pickup at the National Mall, I reached out right away to the nearby affili NOLW - Florida.

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NOLW - Florida a partagé un évènement. She's ready to take down the establishment and win in a special election. Can you help her meet her November fundraising goal? Thank you Kim Ruff for this post: The best thing Libertarians upset about Austin Petersen leaving to run on the GOP ticket could do is funnel their anger into active support for a Libertarian running for the same seat.

With special video appearance of beloved Larry Sharp. NOLW - Florida a partagé une publication. Michelle Darnell a mis à jour son statut. I am fighting back against that. I now face my biggest challenge yet. So I am running for Washington State Senate. I will have a website up very soon so you can sign up to volunteer or contribute. Have you got my back? We are almost there!!!