Botox injections for neck pain and headaches

Botulinum toxin is combined with saline or with local anesthetic and then inserted into the muscle with small needle.

Any number of injections between five and 10 you might be needed.

Botox injections for neck pain and headaches

Am I a Candidate? How long will this procedure take? It is not as long treatment as other conservative treatments, and it gets done within few minutes How long will it take to recover? Its Outcome The best part of it that these injections are really helpful in order to release the pain;you can start experiencing its benefits within seven days after the treatment.

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Botox® Treatments for Chronic Pain

This condition can greatly affect family, work, and social life, so it is important to have a variety of effective treatment options available. The headaches are often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light and sound.

Migraine is three times more common in women than in men. Migraine usually begins with intermittent headache attacks 14 days or fewer each month episodic migrainebut some patients go on to develop the more disabling chronic migraine.

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Botox has not been shown to work for the treatment of migraine headaches that occur 14 days or less per month, or for other forms of headache.

It is important that patients discuss with their physician whether Botox is appropriate for them. Those symptoms include swallowing and breathing difficulties that can be life-threatening. There has not been a confirmed serious case of spread of toxin effect when Botox has been used at the recommended dose to treat chronic migraine, severe underarm sweating, blepharospasm, or strabismus, or when Botox Cosmetic has been used at the recommended dose to improve frown lines.