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If you really want to understand cellulite, then read this book From Amazon Dr. Murad explains scientifically, but at the same time simple to understand, how cellulite is formed. His program is focused on treating the problem from it's root cause which is why, if the program is followed correctly, any type of cellulite will have an improvement.

There are many supplements to be taken. I don't know if there is any element that counteracts with others and shouldn't be taken together.

I wish Dr. Murad would have a page saying what to take, the amount milligramsand what time morning, after lunch or nightbut probably then there would be no reason for people to buy his expensive 1 month all ready supplements. I must say I like that at least he doesn't push his products on the reader. I have read other books from doctors that have a line of products that made me fell like I was reading propaganda each other line. I really liked the recipes in this book and I added many foods high in antioxidant to my diet, which has been helping not only my cellulite but my overall health.

The explanation about what truly works for cellulite and what doesn't was also very helpful. I recommend this book to anybody who wants to understand and treat cellulite realistically. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. Make sure to accept our cookies in order to get the best experience out of this website. If you would like to read more about this check out the Privacy Policy page.

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