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Jose Garcia. Is this just a pipe dream or is it real? I would be inclined to su … pport this if the company is more forthcoming about how this venture is progressing at least on a weekly basis.

When I don't hear crickets it gets very disheartening. Informations concernant les données de statistiques de Page. Thanks to Regulation Crowdfunding, everyone can own a stake in our company! En savoir plus.

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BitiCar a changé sa photo de profil. BitiCar a changé sa photo de couverture. BitiCar a mis à jour son adresse. BitiCar a mis à jour son numéro de téléphone. We are now at 2, drivers signed up awaiting our platform to launch Check out how ridesharing companies help reduce traffic Study shows carpooling apps could reduce congestion by a factor of three while still serving the same number of people.

How ride-sharing can improve traffic, save money, and help the environment. Rideshare companies putting cabs out of business. We created this ridesharing infographic to prove one simple fact: was undeniably the year that the rideshare industry crushed taxi cabs.

The peer-to-peer rideshare company of the future is here Ridesharing economy is booming and here to stay Are ridesharing services like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar helping us share the road more safely? Oct 10, Thank you.

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Alana C. Sep 24, Lance was amazing Car was clean and ran well! Ajouter aux favoris. Lieu de prise en charge et de retour. Las Vegas, NV Finaliser la transaction Rien à payer pour le moment.

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Distance incluse. La voiture. Toyota Yaris Base. Gas Regular. Votre hôte. Nos Hôtes vedettes, comme Lance, sont des hôtes expérimentés et appréciés sur Turo. Welcome to your fuel efficient and reliable Toyota Yaris rental! Make sure to read the FAQs and Extras below to get the most value out of your rental.

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I offer professional service and only use green products to clean the car! Provide me with your airline and flight number beforehand since no curbside pick up allowed.

You can meet me here because the hotel will not allow me to park and go over the vehicle. It is important for you to ask your front desk for exact directions, since these areas can be difficult to find. Provide me with your airline and flight number beforehand or read my FAQs below for other options. Top off the vehicle before you return with unleaded gas within 2 miles of the return location.

Please take a picture of your gas receipt for verification and upload to the Turo app or else additional fees below may apply. If you are unable to top off the fuel or show proof of purchasea convenience fee will be added on top of the refueling charges. I will let you know of any scratches or dents on the vehicle.

I will always upload my own photos of the vehicle as well, which you can view too. Change time, date, or location 4. I look forward to seeing you soon! Transmission automatique. Audio input. Long-term car.