What is regimes of flow

Gauthier Leprince 2 AuthorId : Author. Philippe Velex 2 AuthorId : Author. Hide details. Abstract : The purpose of this study is to investigate the various fluid flow regimes generated by a pinion running partly immersed in an oil bath and the corresponding churning power losses.

In a series of papers, the authors have established several loss formulae whose validity depends on two different flow regimes characterized via a critical Reynolds number.

What is regimes of flow

Based on some new measurements for transient operating conditions, it has been found that the separation in two regimes may be not accurate enough for wide-faced gears and high temperatures. Have you forgotten your login? Gwenaëlle Félix 1 Nathalie Thomas 1, 2 Details. Gwenaëlle Félix 1 AuthorId : Author. Nathalie Thomas 1, 2 AuthorId : Author.

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Hide details. Abstract : Experiments on dry granular matter flowing down an inclined plane are performed in order to study the dynamics of dense pyroclastic flows.

The "cost" of high velocity and small cross-sectional area is an increased pressure drop through the heat exchanger.

What is regimes of flow

When designing a heat exchanger, e. Viscosity is also an important factor when discussing flow regimes. For example, oil has a higher viscosity than water, and it is therefore more difficult to achieve turbulence in oil flows. A medium with a low viscosity might therefore be more useful as a heat conductor.


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A note on flow regimes and churning loss modeling

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