Cream for dark pigmentation on skin

The anarchic synthesis of melanin is under control, and the intensity and size of discolorations are reduced. Day after day, unsightly shading disappears, and the face lights up! Dermatologically tested technologies. It is ergonomic and easy-to-use, so just switch it on, and it will activate when it comes into contact with the epidermis, automatically turning off after 1 minute.

Use with or without a spot-reducing cosmetic treatment boosts treatment effectiveness. Not recommended for people allergic to direct contact with metal nickel.

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Pigment Control

Transfer of mature melanosomes. Melanin Expulsion. The elimination of melanosomes. When skin metabolism is unbalanced, these 3 steps deregulate. It acts on the cause and at every phase of the pigmentation process: stimulates on surface, inhibits pigments synthesis, regulates the transfer and accumulation of pigments.

It does not change the thickness of the skin. So, it does not increase sensitivity to light and saves skin from the side effects that may appear after the use of other regulated substances. Formulated for light, delicate skin and for thicker, matte skin, which is often heavily pigmented. Pour toute demande : hello crgfrance. Ses produits sont conçus à partir d'actifs sélectionnés pour leur. Ses formules ont une qualité commune :. Compte Votre panier 0,00 EUR.

The melanin upward life cycle. Pigment synthesis by the melanocytes in the melanosomes. Transfer of mature melanosomes loaded with pigments from the base of the epidermis to the superficial layers of skin thanks to the keratinocytes.

Cream for dark pigmentation on skin

The elimination of melanosomes and degradation into the corneocytes through cell regeneration process, resulting in the uniform color of skin. When skin metabolism is unbalanced, these 3 steps deregulate, creating multiple pigmentation disorders: dark spots, yellow skin tone, dullness. The imbalance of pigmentation and its consequences on skin.

LENTIGO : Mature skins over 50 years old with wrinkles and sagging features, clear phototypes, brown patches delimited on face, décolleté and hands.