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Z czym poradzi sobie Hydrafacial? Ewelina Czerwiec. Garfield''s ear whiskers stick up, on end, the smoke billows, upward I''m just It''s a testament to the work For six years, I delved into tobacco research, because This is a metaphysical question Yes, can any cat smoke?

Do we know? Can just Garfield smoke? The research says no. Nicotine poisoning can kill animals, especially household pets. All it takes is the nicotine found in as little as a single cigarette.

Pharmacol Toxicol. But after visiting two tobacco processing plants in Virginia I was looking for any insight. A detective of a homicide case has to look at every angle, so I''m always taking apart the pipe strip.

I focused on every minutiae, every detail of this strip.

Jon Arbuckle''s clothing I have replicas. I''m an expert in textiles This is key, this is the breakthrough. The pipe is not a pipe, really. Obviously there is symbolism at work here I saw that from the beginning, and I looked at the literal aspects of the strip to gain insight into the metaphors at play I worked at a newspaper printing press for eighteen months, in the late ''s I was learning the literal to inform the gestural Jon reading this newspaper means so much more than just Jon reading the newspaper Jon holds his newspaper up with his left hand, thumb gripping the interior.

I learned that this particular grip here was the newspaper grip of nineteenth century aristocrats So Jon''s hand position is much more than that, it It''s about information. You have to take it apart. It''s what the smoking industry calls a tattletale teenager who tells on his friends after they''ve all tried smoking for the first time But the phrase was confused when secret documents went back and forth between China and America These documents are still secret, and the only reason I know about the term is because I know a man, my friend.

Let''s call him "Timothy," yeah Timothy worked for Phillip Morris for sixteen years, and he had seen the documents How could this cartoonist, Jim Davis, know about this He must have seen something What could it be?

Timothy went on to tell me there was one particular smoking cat, a boy, from He did more than tattle to his parents; he and his family took legal action, and they eventually received a huge settlement payout But that name is too similar Ernie Barguckle Jon Arbuckle. Jim Davis must have used this. There''s more here. Ernie Barguckle spent nearly half of that settlement money on experimental medical procedures to cure his He was impotent.

Are you starting to see the layers here? This is exciting stuff, you start to get a whole picture here, and it informs the work! Jim Davis took these raw ideas, these I have cried. I''ve cried, I''ve cried I''ve cried, cried over this piece. It just I try to explain this to people, I have People have fought me on this, they don''t see it, or they''re close-minded, "How could a comic strip about a cat smoking a pipe mean any more than that? Here''s something from that I wrote in thinking about the implications of this strip; this is just an excerpt here If a comic about a cat smoking a pipe can be the only thing in the universe I have never been blind,'' But when you truly see, you will understand just how truly blind you once were to even think it right to regime alimentaire dans linsuffisance renale chronique you were not blind.

What does a blind man see? Blank darkness. Dark blankness. The absence of things, quite literally NO thing.

No things. So, you see nothing, and I bring you into the light. A cat has your pipe! You''ve been blind, do you understand this!? The cat has your pipe. You can''t fully immerse yourself, you don''t have the light.

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You don''t have the radiance, the radical light, the radically radiant light of truth and truth''s belonging love, and nature of light, and loving truthful radiance.

So don''t be bold, and make bold statements. I know of you. Remember that. It''s kind of rough Kind of an I''m still proud of it. Sometimes I imagine that it is the editorial column in the newspaper Jon Arbuckle is reading. It''s an exercise in recursion, it''s like a vortex opens up It''s like you hold two mirrors up to each other, one is reality and the other is a cartoon strip.

Let''s see here Oh yes, I must bring this up, because I think, surely, Jim Davis is again speaking on multiple levels by including the details set before us in the comic. Notice the glimpse of Jon Arbuckle''s foot in the first panel. The size of the shoe would indicate that maybe the man just has small feet Inflicted usually on women for the desire of men, this practice was incredibly painful and crippling Mister Davis is, here, presenting us with a man, or rather This is a man facing extreme inner turmoil, the panels tell that story Notice the background wall shading of the first panel points inward toward Jon in the second panel You can connect these points and draw a triangle across the panels, and this triangle will align with the reoriented points of Jon''s collar!

This, this is majestic artwork! Comforting, in an empty world. I can''t help but read the thought bubble, over and over again. It is a profound question. Why am I here? What is my purpose? It is reflection and self-examination here. It is facing the dust, the misery of a cold, careless universe. You can feel the weight of it.

But where could my pipe be? One imagines the author, Jim Davis, teetering on the edge of insanity You can see it in the line quality of the drawings; the thoughtful, controlled outlines mixed with the It''s almost as if Garfield is chaos himself.

Yes, he is the embodiment of chaos, disorder, hatred, fear Thievery, death, destruction, desolation! Garfield, this chaos cat, Garfield has turned his back on everything, everyone! One recalls the great existential forces in literature Garfield the Cat sees the hopelessness of life, which This is why Jim Davis has chosen smoking.

It represents a recklessness, a Garfield may die from the nicotine, he may not He defies life; he sits defiant, saying nothing, but looking as if he could say Is Jon the glimmer of hope? He seems to be unsure. Again, his question The center panel centers the issue, and again, this hearkens to many of the great religious works of art. I''m talking about the Pipe Strip in relation to religion.

Garfield, the thief-cat, evil and malicious He is the devil, placed to the right He is He feels for his pipe The center Jon is locked in a struggle, between his innocence, and his knowledge of the truth It is stunning. The great struggle, the struggle that transcends time Where will you be, when the cat reveals himself? You will have a choice; you can face endless suffering, and eternal misery You can be forced and beaten down with barbarians, who claw at each other just for a view of salvation.

They''ll tear your eyeballs out, and rip your gizzards from end to end. They worship this cat, this This evil, horrible cat, do not be seduced by the cat and the pipe! Something like this, and to those listening, it is a stark reminder to follow the path of the first panel Jon; be humble, be grateful, honor the law, and honor thyself.

Be true, and be good, and no harm will come to you Pray for salvation, and it will be granted unto you. Be like Jon Arbuckle, as he lowers his head. Be like Jon Arbuckle as he lowers his paper, as he turns his head. Bow with Jon Arbuckle, and praise unto the creator, Jim Davis So, what is all this?

What am I saying? What does all this mean? Why is this one comic strip so important to me I have an obligation to you all. This is a redemption, this is a belief in redemption, a sacrifice of all the obvious trappings of this false modern life.

Look at the simplicity in this strip, in the pipe strip. Look at the simple clothes Jon wears, look at his simple, basic furniture No adornments on the wall, even the very pipe his cat Garfield stole; it is a plain, modest pipe In our times Torture, distrust Look around you, it''s overwhelming. What can you contribute? Be humble. Be thankful. It is a reminder, be respectful. You are a statue. You are fragile Where will those pieces go?

Will you ask? Humankind is only as great as you, YOU, the individual, it begins and ends with you! You must treat this expedition, this search, this The littlest leaf, the tiniest stone! The most miniscule grain of sand This is the secret. Do you want the pipe? Do you want to know where the pipe has gone?

You ask yourself, you ask When I was a young man Ages ago For weeks, I didn''t hide that a comic strip was having such a profound effect on me.

I was much like Jon Arbuckle. In this middle panel, he says, "Now where could my pipe be? Surely, you cannot be this naive This is nothing new for you He will take things from Jon; food, items, anything This is his very nature. So you see this, and you want to say, "Jon Arbuckle, come now. You are lying to yourself. You are lying to yourself, and to all of us, if you pretend to have not Perhaps you think you''ve left it somewhere else, but You are lying to yourself, ah You are lying to yourself, Jon Arbuckle.

You know that Garfield has the pipe You don''t even need to think the question. One week passed, and each morning I''d open my botox injection technique for migraine and slam it shut again. I would go to look at the comic I don''t NEED to look at it I DID need to see it, and so I did, it''s You give in, and that is the transition, from the second panel of life, to the third panel of life!

It is a simple story structure, the passage from the second act to the third, the twilight of things. So it is like this This is the essence of this brilliant work of art, the practical mixing, meeting, agreeing with the spiritual, it is all HERE. You might find yourself able to wrap your mind around a simple math problem, or a basic newspaper article, or What is spirituality A long time ago, after I encountered the Pipe Strip I perdre du poids slendertone choisir some time, as I mentioned before, soul-searching.

When something impacts you, or alters your very perception so greatly, there is a long period of confusion, recovery time It''s as if you don''t know who you are, and that can be a Imagine if Jim Davis did not know who he was. Would he be capable of shaping the cultural landscape as he''s done?

No, of course he wouldn''t. What if he couldn''t make the informed decisions to accurately depict Garfield''s personality, because of What kind of comic would THAT be? You see? So draw the parallel. I saw this comic and, yes, I was disoriented Undoubtedly dire circumstances, but remember; this was not a math problem, this was not an article, this was not something I could just At first I tried Nothing clicked, I still felt lost I pushed and pushed, determined to find myself.

And then, a miracle happened. Upon retrieving my morning paper, to clip the Garfield comic I noticed a young girl, selling lemonade two houses down. She sat, occupied at her stand. She had no customers in sight. So, I approached, and saw that she was coloring. I looked at her drawing Three rectangular boxes. A man, in a blue shirt. An orange cat. I knew what this was. She was drawing a Garfield comic. I looked at her words, and I saw that, in her strip, Jon asked Garfield to retrieve a newspaper.

Heh, funny Garfield is sarcastic, but agrees to. He returns and calls Jon Jon exclaims that the paper''s all chewed up, but then Garfield says, and I quote, "Sahib asks fish, paper is wet. Sahib asks cat, paper is holey.

I couldn''t find it Next morning, I retrieved my paper again, and I clipped the Garfield comic.

Dr Hubert Czerniak - lekarz chorób wewnętrznych na temat.

The date was July 12th, There it was. The Sahib Strip, in all its glory. The girl had been drawing the next day''s strip! So, I ran right out of my house, I ran back to where she was They''d moved out. I rushed back to my house to call Avram, but I was informed that he''d moved away as well. I reeled, for several hours, and then it all connected for me. It was meant to be. Jim Davis Jon, Garfield It was always meant to be this way for me Everything else melted away.

It was a beautiful miracle I''ve never looked back. Garfield has transformed me When I was in my mid-thirties, I was interviewed for a documentary It was a documentary on the subject of cat behavior. Now, I''ve had cats my whole life; I have three cats now, and at the time of this documentary interview, I had four cats. I sat down for the interview and was joined by a veterinarian who specialized in felines: Doctor Caroline Wellmitz was her name, I believe She specifically brought up the fact that cats are red-green colorblind; they can see colors, but they can''t tell the difference between red and green Garfield sits on a green floor, behind a pinkish red wall.

I heard this, and I immediately pulled a copy of the comic from my wallet to show to the doctor I moved so fast, I''m sure I nearly scared her, I Like this! Look, at this here! This cat, Garfield, he''s colorblind, he must be! That must be the answer here Add to that a cat''s known spatial confusion, and you have the makings of a Cat Rage room. So como funciona la liposuccion ultrasonica incredible here is not only is Garfield''s behavior symbolic of the devil, and all the evil constructs in the world, but Look at that.

You cannot spell fact without "cat". Hah, just a little joke there I digress. I gotcha, I gotcha, enough It is established here that Garfield is in a rage; an ultimate rage of fury and hatred, caused by colorblindness. We know the "what", we know the "why" We''ve looked at his posture and called it "powerful", "in control", "statuesque", "etc.

It''s peculiar, and I''ve talked to a number of psychologists and psychiatrists, and even a couple of anger management therapists about this concept Could we see the same kind of behavior in a human?

Is Garfield representative of something more specific than just chaos and rage? Deciphering this is going to take some perseverance. The psychologists pointed to a phenomenon in humans, and, yes, I believe one of the anger management counselors brought it up as well. The idea that people, oftentimes, will bottle their rage Garfield the cat, here Eh, well No, that''s not exactly right. Garfield has already acted out, he''s already stolen the pipe He''s already lashed out, so, psychologically, what is going on here?

What is this cat doing, and how does it impact his owner, Jon Arbuckle Well, Garfield is angry. He is acting on his anger It is passive because if Garfield has a problem with Jon specifically He has not confronted Jon, and said, "Jon, I have a problem with the way you''ve decorated this room; as a cat, I am colorblind, and this room sends me into a rage