Cp botox dangerous jobs

Doctor's want to keep her in overnight to treat the infection with IV antibiotics.

They suspect she has mastoiditis So much love for our little Rach. She's lucky to have so many people that care about her so much. She's finally sleeping And will hopefully feel a bit better tomorrow. I tried to get Rach to sing a song for her Nan Thank you everyone for Rachel's birthday wishes I can't believe shes 5 already!! Feels like only yesterday she was born. Such a sick little girl with an unknown future I can't believe Rachel is going to school next year!

So exciting It's been a long time since our last post. Rachel has almost finished a year of kindergarten and is getting ready to start school next year. Shes doing incredibly well in all fields Our recent visit to Rachels pediatrician was great. She's gained grams this year which is amazing We've been on the waiting list for a new afo for about 8 months now She really needs a new one, she is s She's had regular physio and OT fortnightly, as usual, and is getting ready for botox again this coming Monday.

Hopefully handles it a lot better than last time! My girl has grown so fast, yet still amazes me everyday. She may look happy and healthy, which she certainly is So proud of her!!!

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Hi everyone, This September I've been taking part in the 'Steptember As Rachel's aunty I see the challenges she is faced with daily due to being diagnosed with CP. Any amount you contribute would make a huge difference to children and adults living with Cerebral Palsy. Playing basketball at the park with Rachel. A lot of concentration, She did an awesome job! Afficher la suite. Thankyou Rachel for coming to visit Veronika in hospital on Friday. One day we will have a proper play date when Veronika isn't covered in plaster Xoxox Afficher la suite.

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